Sunday, January 27, 2013


Today, January 27th, 2013 [Sunday] I was watching an old DVD of All In The Family. Like most early, late and moderate-aged Baby Boomers, I was an avid watcher of this ground-breaking 1970’s show that also was a brake-out with ratings and viewers. The celebrated Producer – Director Norman Lear, developed the show which starred Jean Stapleton; Rob Reiner; Sally Struthers and Carroll O’Connor. The program was a Root-Show for many off-shoots like ``The Jefferson's,’’ ``Good Times,’’ and ``Maud.’’

Included in the editions I watched this morning was the first meeting of Mike {Reiner} and Gloria {Struthers}, who definitely didn’t like each other at first meeting [the program reaches back in time to 1968 to their first meeting]. The two later warm UP to each other and end up embraced in each other’s arms after impersonating Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. I strongly suggest church members and friends watch a few episodes of this Classic Example of what TV used to be and What it needs to be again: Socially conscious; funny, lively, witty; intelligent; thought provoking; and well written. By the Way this old DVD is available at the Free Library of Philadelphia [at no cost] and is especially worthy of watching for old cash-strapped people like me who don’t have cable TV. Mo Later…

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