Sunday, January 27, 2013


I've heard ``NO'' a hundred times. Maybe even a thousand time or ten thousand times. Every time I hear it the stronger my resolve gets to one day soon hear that resounding and positive ``YES'' that will make my day, month, year and FORWARD so worth while. All the effort will have been worth it.
If the ``Yes'' never comes, please know that God and the Creator and the Ancestors have already put together a Path for at least part of what I'm doing to be passed on to the younger generation--if they are interested.

We can't force anything on anybody to do anything. All we can do is offer the information and expose the young people to the positive information we are composing, researching, constructing and reconstructing. It is up to them to accept or reject it, Build on it and act on it as they see fit....
So, let loose with your ``NO's,'' your ``NEVER''-- I am a man of Peace and Non-Violence... I know for sure that GOD has a different Plan than ``NO!!'' It may take time and positive thinking, patience and concentrated effort, dedication, focusing and hard work, but eventually I will hear a clear and resounding ``YES'' and I am already to move FORWARD from there.....

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