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Straight Christian Singles Only Need Apply.

Letter to Christian Singles By Brother Tracy Gibson: A Leading Member of: The Black Millionaire's Network; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Penn 19101-2878. Phone: 1.215.471.64.94; BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com
Dear Corporate Heads at Christian Singles:
I hope you are having a good day. I went on your web page and was typically disappointed as a Gay or Same Gender Loving Christian, that there were no categories for men loving men or women loving women. This is typical of traditional Christians. You have a natural tendency to put yourselves above everybody else, when this is exactly what Christ Jesus DIDN’T want people to do and is what he never did. You have a tendency to judge people when this is exactly what Christ Jesus DIDN’T want us to do as Christians. The homophobia in the Christian Church is due to such judging and I was put here on earth to help expose the hypocrisy. You see, Christianity is about following the teachings of Christ and trying, even though we will most likely fall short, trying to be like Christ.

GOD, I believe, has a special place for people of ALL faiths, religions, races, ages, sexual orientations, classes, genders, gender determinations, income levels, cultures, sexes and so forth. I am a Christian, but also a Polytheist**==which I will explain later}… If we believe He {GOD} didn’t make a mistake, we have to believe that we should have an open mind and face the outside world with an open mind. I have a strong faith in Christ. {One time after church we were feeding the Homeless and I was said to be giving them too much food out to the Homeless. One of the ministers said there will never be enough for the rest of the people if you give out that much food. The funny thing was I was trying very hard to say that I have ``faith’’ that there will be enough food for everybody because I knew the people were hungry and wanted food and needed food. There is talk all throughout the Bible about abundance and faith—how could there possible not be enough food to give these poor decent souls enough food. } But I held my tongue. As it turned out, I was right, there was food left over and people could have had more on their individual plates. I had actually had more faith than the pastors who wanted to serve less food and ``ration’’ the amounts. I knew in my heart that this was wrong when there was such need among the people in line to get the food {among the so-called Homeless… .} The problem was that I didn’t know how to express my feelings and verbalize my feelings at the time. I was strong in my faith, but I was fearful of being seen as disrespectful or critical of the church and the Pastors, so I held my tongue—I should not have done that... I have since learned better. {I had a lesbian friend who helped train me politically and she always wore a button on her bag or shirt that said simply-- ``Question Authority’’ I think, Betty Gains, that was her name, was talking about ANY and ALL authority. You have a right to question if you feel something is not right or correct in what you are hearing and feeling and seeing each and every day. It is your duty as a Child of God and a follower of Christ and as a North American to question and challenge what you know is wrong. Wrong among the Church. Wrong among the leadership of our schools and other institutions. Wrong among our Government leadership. {For example how could we have possibly just had a Presidential election and the word ``poor’’ was never, hardly ever spoken. Everybody talked about the Middle Class. Well, that’s nice, but NOT everybody is in the Middle Class or the Upper Class. There is a growing number of people in our culture and our society who are poor and falling through the cracks that are increasing in size. There are more such cracks and there seems to be more in the making in the future.{We have to work to turn this around and take an active role in helping our poor people and our country. This is OUR country--it doesn't ONLY belong to the rich and the privilidged and the White}... This is the 500 pound gorilla that went all the way through the current election without a peep. [By the Way our President is Black, as I am, but I didn’t vote for him because he finds a way to support war and lies every day. He is Drone bombing and killing the children and women of Pakistan each and every day and spending millions of dollars to do so even as the raw power of our Nation is being curtailed by GOD in favor of more democratic ``people power’’ influences that is bubbling up from the Grass-Roots. Very few in the media have confronted the President on this. As a Christian and a real polytheist I must and do confront him….]

As a Christian you are probably conservative. Christ was NOT a conservative. He was very radical person and a very radical being and HE wanted people to think differently from their traditional Hebrew beliefs in GOD. I was sent here to do something similar to what Jesus did—to reveal the truth… To be fair and NOT judge people, but to help people find a New Way—unlike even what it said of the New Day in the Bible. My feeling is that being a so-called ``Christian Conservative’’ is oxymoronic—how can you want things to stay the same—like conservatives do--when things are so wrong and messed up and unequal and unbalanced and when so many people are being hurt and killed the way things are right now? This is illogical, racist, homophobic, unbalanced and it is creating hatred, havoc, instability and resentment. It is time for such things to stop and for a New World to e born NOW. As the rich clutch onto their funds and refuse to invest in cities and people who are starving for jobs, basic nutritious food, clean water, infrastructure improvements and decent housing—things will have to change in a revolutionary and drastic Way for people—the masses—to get a hold of these basic items that will bring stability and decency throughout the world... People have a right to these things as decent human beings. You don’t have a right to keep these things from them. As the Black, the Latin, the Poor, the disabled, the females, the homosexuals, the transgendered people, the Arabs and so many other groups have been left out of the decision-making process to a large degree in Our Country, North America, for so long, we end up with a country and a lot of institutions [like the Church] that are NOT sensitive to these people and these people end up making a majority of our Nation. The Church is just another of these insensitive institutions, as I have mentioned. [Anytime there are parts of the Church that don’t allow women to be ordained, discriminate against Gay and Lesbian people, and where young boys and young girls are being molested by the Popes, the Bishops, the Pastors, the Prelates, and the Pontiffs and the reverends {Boy that was a lot of P’s} such as the Catholic Church--there is a problem. A REAL problem. A BIG Problem. Something is out of sync, out of kilter, off center, out of whack, mixed up and just plain old wrong!! If you include the 30 % of White males who usually vote along more Progressive lines, I think you begin to see what a problem the Republicans were having around November 6th, 2012 in North America this year during the election campaign and the results we have. This is why the Republicans LOST!!! Our institutions, including the Church and the many institutions that surround the existence of the Church and profit from that existence {such as your organization the Christian Singles Group} needs a major overhaul. You need to stop telling lies. You need to stop living in hypocrisy. You need to stop holding yourself above everybody else and telling people you have a direct link to GOD when all you have a direct link to is hatefulness, lies and deceit. The Church { and I’m talking about the Baptist, the Pentecostals, the Mormons, the Muslim Religion, the Jewish Religion, the Seventh Day Adventist and all the rest including the unwholesomeness that is taking place among even traditional indigenous religions in Africa and Asia and Australia and elsewhere that are hateful towards gay, bisexual, transgendered and lesbian people-- and they have other issues also} they all need to take a real long and lasting look in the mirror and face the fact that they have been and are being un-GODLY and being judgmental and being hateful, discriminatory and being against the true freedom and true equality we say we really value as people living in a democratic system. Living before GOD with fairness, decency, high ethics and good moral standards in very possible for Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered People, but I never hear Christian Pastors say that….

I love the Holy Bible, but it is a document that is 2000 plus years old. It is time we realized that the concept of sin itself was and is used to make people conform, through guilt, to certain behaviors instead of think positively and proactively for themselves. Thinking for yourself is more powerful…. I don’t believe in the concept of sin because it is a ``Take Um Down’’ concept instead of a ``Lift Um Up’’ concept. I have had problems in the past with depression, but thank GOD those days are behind me. But one thing the depression and the economic hardship—which I am just about over with as well—one thing those things have taught me is you learn from difficulty, but you don’t want to go back there. EVER!!! Having a for heterosexuals-only Christian dating service is an old has-been concept and idea that needs to be thrown on the ash heap of society along with the crank-up car and Gumby. They had there place in time, but it has passed away forever.

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