Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stolen Treasure

The Stolen Treasure of Tutankhamun

A few humble words from Brother Tracy C. Gibson…..

Recently I had the good fortune to visit the objects that White, British archaeologist Howard Carter and his crew ``discovered’’ in Africa in 1922. The objects will tour the world again and are starting in the United States, in Los Angeles. Of course I am talking about the famous Tutankhamun exhibit from Egypt, Africa. I was swept through the exhibit from Africa quickly and without fanfare. As expected, the exhibit was stunning, colorful and worth the 20-plus years I had waited to find time to see it. (I missed it when it was in D.C. and New York City some time ago—just too busy trying to save the world to take time to stop and smell the roses..) Also, as expected, the exhibit was presented in as un-African a way as possible. No African music, few African faces. Even few Arab faces!! White Europeans have again managed to pull Egypt away from the continent of Africa and Europeanize it!!

One thing I did learn from Professor Ben while I heard him speak at Ohio State University in the late 1970’s is that the culture and all its trappings moved UP the Nile from the lower parts to the upper most parts. It began at the base. The Nile itself, moves up and so to did the culture of the area. It always has and most likely always will. Therefore the Nubian and other African Cultures at the base of the Nile served as the culturally rich root of what we all know was the most advanced culture in ancient times. (No the Egyptians were not ancient astronauts as we have so foolishly been led to believe!!) It all began at the base of the Nile. We won’t talk about who stole what or from who. Is that really important… The fact that the culture flowed UP is not mistakable or refutable or deniable. The face of Tut himself has full lips and a rather large nose. These are NOT European traits. His face looks distinctly African and non-European to me. Yet, National Geographic, the exhibitor, chose to put a photo of a White boy on the back of the major book they sell depicting the precious items from the exhibit. The photograph is a reconstruction of what ``they’’ feel Tut looked like. This, I feel, is an affront to all the little Black boys and girls who will see the exhibit. Again, on our land, our history is erased. I hope and pray that all who attend the exhibit when it finally gets to Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute in 2007 after 20 years will keep this in mind. Otherwise, please enjoy the exhibit and read about YOUR history!!!

Solutions: Sometimes even great treasures are better left alone if you are not going to tell the truth about origin, race, color, ethnicity and history. You distort history when you take racial credit for something that isn’t really originally of your race.

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