Thursday, January 31, 2013

Letter to The Citadel # 1....Temple.......

From: Brother Tracy Gibson:

Founder, President and CEO: OF:

Brother Tracy Gibson and Assocates, Inc.


The Black Millionaire’s Network

213 South 49th Street

Philadelphia, Pa 19139-4205

1-215-471 6494


Ms. Pearl Wang—Consultant and a Representative for:

The Temple University Small Business Development Center

1510 Cecil B. Moore Avenue

Philadelphia 19121

Dear Temple Consultant Ms. Pearl Wang:

I have worked very, very hard over an extended period [some 20 years] and I finally felt I had made progress and hit pay dirt when I successfully took the 10-week class at Temple University’s Small Business Development Center [At a cost to me of over $200.00 mind you ]. I successfully finished the class and all I hear from you now is that I need to file back taxes [when I have no income from my business that I know of at this point] and that I need to take out a thousand dollar loan [when what I need is about $50,000.00 to really get my business going]. I am a Strong Black businessman with a Strong Black vision for the revitalization of my community and a strong Progressive vision for the entire city. I think THAT is what disturbs the people like those who actually run this town—the rich money changers who are mostly White and who don’t give a dame about Black people, Our well-being and Our physical, social, political and economic stability and viability. That is why money is so hard to attain and come by in Philadelphia and elsewhere in this not-so-fair Nation of Ours…. I am angry and disgusted, but I’m NOT giving up. Getting money, saving money and properly investing money can be attained through other channels. I will turn such channels on while I keep my cable TV off!!!! If you have any other viable options for me, please let me know now. Otherwise, I think the options you have set forth for me are just more hollywog and bull and will not bet me anywhere. I WILL NOT be taking your advice.

With a Letter for Real Peace, Real Economic Justice and Real Freedom through Continued Economic Struggle for the Oppressed…

Brother Tracy Gibson,

Post Script: I Hope and Pray you will do the right thing and share this letter with your Superiors at that Citadel of a School over their near Broad Street.

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