Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Building A Strong Relationship.

There are any number of things one can do to increase the chances of your meeting ``That certain Someone'' in a matter of a short six months to a year and a half. They are:

* Ask yourself honestly if you are really, really ready for a serious relationship.  Have You:

* Done the real and serious self work on yourself that will dramatically increase your chances of meeting and maintaining a relationship with ``That Certain Someone SPecial''?

* Have you decreased the stress in your life and made time for ``That Certain Someone SPecial'' ?

* Have you lost weight and permanently improved on your eating habits so you can keep the weight off such as: stopped eating beef and pork; cut out or reduced other unhealthy fats; increased walks and exercise; increased on eating fruits and vegetables; stopped heavy fattening deserts such as cake and ice cream; decided how much weight you want to lose and got on a regiment; read books about staying fit mentally and physically; joined a gym.

* Have you improved your professional credentials ion a field you have a true passion for? You would be surprised how many relationships flourish in classrooms when two people with similar professional interests take the same class towards a professional degree.

* Have you taken a serious look at how old you are and tried to find someone of a similar age? {I know I need to work on this one myself, because I'm often attracted to the psychical standards that are common in younger men, but find them lacking in mental agility and depth.}

Have you read recommended books on relationships {See the end of this article for recommendations books and where to get them}.

*Have you joined Cultural appreciation and Professional Organizations that cater to the fields you have a passion for or {You will get a chance to meet and chat with people who have similar passions}.

* Have you told your close friends and relatives you are on the lookout for ``That Certain Someone Special''


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