Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Has Brother Tracy Gibson Been Up To???

What Has Brother Tracy Gibson Been Up TO???
Click on:
And read the following articles if you do you will LOVe yourself as I LOVe YOU!!!

There are a variety of articles to read. Suggested articles:

``The Powerful Third Eye’’

``The Power of Being Black and Loving It…’’

``The Letter to George Sorros’’

``The Letter to Warren Buffett’’

``The Letter about Murry’s Stores’’

``The Letter about The PhilaBunDance Restaurant’’

``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan’’

``Profile of Brother Tracy Gibson’’

``Brother Tracy Gibson’s Resume’’

``Job Offer’’

ALSO: Check out the material about the McDonalds Boycott and the alternatives to eating at McDonalds.

You can reach Brother Tracy at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

Or by phone at 1.215.471.6494

Give me a call if you would like to volunteer with Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc., an education, research, Public Relations, Community Outreach and Community Advocacy concern.

There are many components to our corporate interests that need your support. We can always use stamps to help us get the word out. Small donations of $15.00 or even less will also help us get our message across and do our work—which we feel is GOD’s work—helping others and providing service.
Brother Tracy Gibson

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