Thursday, August 2, 2012

JOB -- Partnerships Available!!!

Partnership Jobs.....
Community Organizer and Black Business Owner, Brother Tracy Gibson is seeking potential Business Partners who have top-flight Business Management skills and are interested in at least a 20 % share interest in my company [Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.]. THIS IS OUR PARENT COMPANY. We are involved in the development of a number of projects which I will share with you when you e-mail me and agree to sign an information release form.   I am personable and have extensive skills in: Writing; Idea Creation; Community Relations; Diversity Staff Management; Public Relations; Advertising; Education; Advocacy; Property Management;  etc. [Please call and I will allow you to access my Blog] The main thing I want is creative control over the products we sell and at least 59 % control of Business ownership.  Please forward this to others interested in Business Management partnerships.  CALL: 1-215-471-6494


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