Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dear Friends and Countrymen.... A Matter of Race.....

Dear Friends and Countrymen:

many people think I deeply hate and resent White People. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, it is Racism, White Supremacy, Racial Hatred, Discrimination and Racial Bullying I hate and have dedicated Most of my life's work to reconciling and alleviating, NOT White people as a group of human beings. And yes, I do think they are Human Beings.  There are a few Devils in every race...

There are concrete differences between the races.  White people, as a group, have been exploiters and the ones who control the reigns of power.  They have set the standards as to how social orders, social constructs and large societies in Modern Times, are to be formulated and run and they have NOT fully shared this power--even Obama really answers to them.... Don't kid yourself... They have often left people of color--NON-Whites--and especially Black people--out of this Matrix of control, power and domination. {Google or look up books by Professor Malefi Asanti}they have NOT allowed us, as Black people to determine for ourselves what will be taught in our own schools, what curriculums will be or what will be included in the make-up and study of entire schools of thought such as: chemistry, anthropology, mathematics, journalism, history, philosophy, engineering, and medicine.  So, because of this, our being excluded from the make up of study itself has been corrupted and currupting the entire system of higher education and our whole political system. And our Blacks who study have found themselves outside of the loop at many of our Nation's leading universities.  Black students have often had to struggle to find roots and shoots of sanity, cohesiveness and coherence  when they study subjects that seem ``foreign'' to them because of the White exclusivity of those subjects.  This has led to the alienation of Black would-be students from the established classroom setting.  

But there have also been White People who have sounded the drum and alarm with thousands of Black People who have demanded Racial inclusion, affirmative action and the inclusion of many more Black scholars, thinkers, visionaries and Black scholarly research into the establishment and the make up of schools of thought that generate school curriculum at every level from kindergarten to Post Doctoral work.

There have also been White Abolitionists who have championed the causes of anti-slavery action over the years.  For example, The Quaker Movement was largely White Led, but almost always against slavery; there have also been individuals who were against slavery and for the rights of Blacks attaining full citizenship rights and other rights including: Daniel Walker; William Lloyd Garrison; and Lysander Spooner, to name a few.  There have also been fighters and writers like writer Noarm Chomsky and some of the White leaders who took up many of our causes such as those who write for the Nation Magazine; the Mother Jones Magazine and members of the Worker's World Party.  These people have been helpful in our quest as Black Diaspora to find true and lasting peace, true justice and true equality.  THey broke the color barrior and fought for true justice across the color line.  Not an easy thing to do in a racist society like the one we live in. I cannot turn my back and fail to recognize their hard work, dedication and the honor they have earned

Just today in church there was a White friend of mine who stood up for Black people.  His first name is Sean.  I hope I have  embarrassed him by mentioning his name, but I have often found his words and dialogue to be authentic and real.

He attended our church, which in itself is a Blessing and a miracle because our church is mostly Black and mostly made up of members of the Black Same Gender Loving Community. He is White and straight and still finds his Way to worship with us often.  This is the sign, to me, of what the true spirit of North America is all about--not racial hatred wrapped in religion or homophobic hatred wrapped in religion.

Not only does Sean worship with people UN-like himself, he is becoming a leader in the church and has studied Eastern Religious Philosophy {Budism}which he is willing to share with us in His Special Way.  He is a gem and a stellar human being who I have come to cherish as a friend and Allie.  His cultural heritage and skin color and his sexual orientation are second nature to me because he authentically wants to see ALL people, including Black people, do well, prosper and flourish.

So, the old adage that Brother Tracy is just another racist or Black Radical or Black Nationalist needs to be put to rest forever.  I have an open mind and I love all kinds of people.  My church, the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, at 55 North Broad Street, in Philadelphia is a real oasis for me.  AN Oasis of LOVe, devotion, hope, caring, fellowship, believing truly in GOD and having the faith {of a Mustard Seed and more}  to think everyday that things may well get better. We are seeking a new Church home, but right now we may have to stay where we are for a while.  Maybe a true blessing will come along soon. GOD BLESS YOU for reading this..........


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