Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TO: The Writers of the World...

You have been entrusted with awesome power because what you write each day as a group of people influences and formulates {and can change} the thinking and activities of just about everyone on the planet and on a daily basis..  This is an awesome responsibility and must be handled in a serious and thoughtful manner.  Please DON'T take what you do likely or in a non-serious manner.

When you write, write with integrity, dignity, accuracy, thoughtfulness, and PRIDE. Write to inform before you write to destroy or unduly influence.  Write to tell the truth.  Write to enlighten.  Write to enlighten and educate.  Even if you have strong opinions--as I do--remember to mention the opposing points of view. DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Write with love in your heart and don't forget that Truth and Light will always be better than even advocacy.

Brother Tracy C. Gibson..
Writer / Fund Raiser

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