Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter to Tuskeegee Institute of North America.....

TO: Tuskegee University
1200 West Montgomery Road
Tuskegee Institute
Alabama  36088

Dear Administrators, Faculty and Student Body at Tuskegee Institute:

I am a Black man who is very concerned about OUR Black youth and their future.  I have written a book dedicated to advancing Black youth in their struggle to free themselves from the corrupting influences and decaying ethics of our North American society.  I also have a business idea that I will tell you more about here.
But what I want to tell you about most today is not a young man or a young person at all, but a man who left this stage of life on July 10th of this year {2012}. That man was 85 years old and He was a my father, Mr. Charles Saint Clair Gibson.  He was a dedicated father, uncle, grandfather, husband, teacher, landlord and family man who was much respected in his community. He loved life and a good cold beer once in a while, but most of all he loved construction and remodeling houses, and being a landlord. He also loved Ario-space Technology and aviation. He worked for 13 years at General Electric Re-Entry Systems {30th and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia} and retired from there with many commendations and awards{See Obit enclosed, or on other section of this Blog}...
What I wanted to talk to you about today is making a small donation of $25.00 to Tuskegee Institute, in his name. {You can use the money for whatever reason you wise gentlemen and wise gentle ladies see fit}. But I also wanted to ask you if there are any discussions, plans of actions to reignite or re- institute the aviation technologies and aviation curriculum and such that originally gave birth and rise to the Tuskegee Airmen and their heroic exploits during World War II?  These exploits were recently depicted in the major American movie ``Red Tails.''   I would like to help you fund raise for just such efforts and--if at all possible--set up a plan in my Father's name for such fund raising.  {He never attended Tuskegee Institute, but had great respect and honor for the Tuskegee Airmen.}
I have enclosed a resume that details the high level of community involvement I have been involved in and my deep dedication to Black youth. While I am NOT military, I am pretty good at raising funds and really enjoy helping positive Black Institutions--especially those dedicated to education.  I hope you will be in touch with me in the near future to let me know how I can get involved with raising funds for Tuskegee Institute very soon.  Please also enlighten me as to how I can get more info as to what is being done to retain all the necessary personnel and reignite government and corporate interests in restarting the Tuskegee Airmen {and probably airwomen this time} program at Tuskegee Institute.
Peace and Blessings,
Brother Tracy Gibson
President and CEO,
Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.
 Brother Tracy Gibson
Visionary - - Businessman
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205

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