Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Letter to Billionaire Warren Buffett

September 30th, 2012 {Sunday}

Mr. Warren E. Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.
3555 Farnam Street,
Suite 1440
Omaha Nebraska  68131

From: Brother Tracy Gibson
Visionary -- Businessman
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205



Dear Mr. Buffett:

I hope you and your family are doing fine and well. I want to make some suggestions for your corporation and you to invest in.  My Corporation is called ``Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc.'' There are four components I am interested in getting funding for.  1} I have two books I Really, Really want to publish. The first book is entitled:  ``A Grassroots Criteria for Liberation.'' This volume is dedicated to Black youth and there issues.  It is designed to build better values in our young men and women including more responsibility for the decisions they make; more respect for the people in the community including peers, the elderly, their parents, teachers, guardians, police and firemen; more dignity about themselves; more interests in Black history and Blacks in antiquity; more interests in business and finance; more interests in education and learning and starting businesses, etc. This first volume is designed and told by telling my own personal story and interjecting political analysis and old family stories with life-lessons, celebrity profiles and reviews of artistic events included. I need $20,000.00 to get this book published. The second volume is entitled: ``Let the Children Gather--A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems.'' It is a book of poetry that reflects the high level of anger and resentment that is ramped among Black male youth at being blocked out of the economic and financial progress they see going on in their community and at seeing what little progress they are allowed to make often be suppressed, stolen or ignored.  I need $15,000.00 to publish this book. 2} I want to start a mostly Black, but partially multi-cultural security firm to help protect the growing and valued Black infrastructure across North America, but especially right here in West Philadelphia and North Philadelphia.  I am in contact with a Miss Stephanie White who has a successful security company in Dallas, Texas {1.469.230.1849} Address: Post Office Box 181947, Dallas Texas  75218. I have also been in touch with a Mr. August Scott of Brooklyn, New York who worked several years for the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a security guard. I plan to hire both of them as consultants as I begin the process to start my own local security firm.  You may know the story from the 1920's in Tulsa, Oklahoma where what was called the ``BLACK WALL STREET'' was destroyed after a racial incident sparked a White Supremest Riot. We cannot afford to have our valuable Black infrastructure destroyed in a matter of days when it took us 50 years to built it up Not only were some 350 people killed, but hotels, restaurants, large stores, funeral homes and other types of businesses owned and operated by Black people were also destroyed and burned to the ground. We need $50,000.00 in seed money for our security firm to be centered and headquartered in Philadelphia.  We plan to hire former police officers, firemen and fire women, veterans coming back from the two wars our Nation has been involved in and young people who desperately need full-time and part-time employment in the Philadelphia region. We will have training in Philadelphia and a full building for our headquarters. 3} Another aspect of our corporation is called ``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan and The Knowledge Hut On-Line Store.'' This store will provide CD's, DVD's Movies, Tee-Shirts, Greeting Cards, Posters, Books and a few light and healthy snack foods for young people to purchase and for their parents and guardians to buy for them and sometimes, to enjoy for themselves. Grandchildren, nieces, youth, children and nephews will find delight in the products and will also be gaining an education in the strong values and ethics that are so lacking in our communities.  The ONLY Products to be sold in our stores will be those products that uphold high community standards; represent positive social values and positive knowledge and understanding on complex political issues. The products will not just be thrown at our young customers, our parents and grand parents and guardians, but will be specifically selected to build, again, positive values in our people's youths such as responsibility, reliability, punctuality, obeying the law, business ethics, not to bully or smoke, how to start businesses in a hostile and tough economy, and how to negotiate out of problems instead of using violence, intimidation and coercion to solve problems--a lesson our own national government could use to learn.  Many of the products we are planning to sell, we want to produce at our own factory and hire some of the youth to get paid good living wages for their efforts.  {We are starting as a on-line store to avoid the tremendous cost of building a modern, state of the art, Green factory right in North or West Philadelphia at first.} We did test marketing of greeting cards and Tee-Shirts from April 2006 to September of 2007 at 3819 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, Penn 19104, when we had an office here in Philadelphia's Powelton Village Section. We will be Progressive and stress education and knowledge building in every aspect of what we do.  Our Books will not be selected to titillate and sexually excite {such books will not be sold by us}, but our Books will be selected to educate, inform, build self-help and self survival skills as well as build self-esteem, self-respect, family values and other positive traits for the Black Family to build from.  They will also help stimulate intellectual growth while helping develop good study habits, good hygiene and neighbor-building skills as our young people learn how to get along with other races, other religions and other types of people who are different from them.  We are seeking $300,000.00 for ``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan'' and ``The Knowledge Hut Stores.'' 4} Another component we are planning is our Talent Agency--NOT YET NAMED...  I remember once taking a tenant {I have been a Landlord and property owner and property manager for 28 years}. I took a tenant to try-out for an International Star-Search Program and fund a line wrapped around the Hotel on City Line Avenue for 4 blocks!! I have people in my church and in the Black community who want to partner with me for this aspects of the business.  My church's name is The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, which is part of a network of some 30 churches across the country. I have family members who work in the entertainment business who I am sure will also help with consulting on this matter.

That is it in a nutshell.  I hope you can help. I have some 35 years of dedicated work behind me as a community organizer and a community activist. {Please see my Resume enclosed or on the Blog--``The Politics of Real''

My Corporate EIN number is 27-0145705

I have contacted several Black Celebrities about my ideas including: Vogue Magazine Editor Andre Leon Talley; Muhammad Ali; Mr. Quintin E. Primo III; Mr. Magic Johnson; Pattie La Bell; Common; Queen Latifa; Bill Cosby; Oprah Winfrey {who I have written about 30 times!!}; Quincy Jones; Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney; Vanessa Williams {The former Ms. America};Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith; Sidney Portier and Harry Belifonte. I hope you will give me a chance, because what I want to do will work towards the betterment of our entire country in the long run, as our Black youth stop being seen as a ``problem'' and start to live active, productive, viable and productive lives.

Post Script: If I had $20,000. I couold change the world for the good in a matter of six months.....!!!  

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