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About the Author

About The Author

Brother Tracy Gibson’s legal name is Tracy Charles Gibson (He was named after actor Spenser Tracy by his mother in 1956). He was born and raised in Philadelphia and now lives back in Philadelphia after losing his home in New Castle Delaware to foreclosure on November 8th of 2011. He was educated in the Philadelphia public school system and went on to The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where he received a B.A. degree in Journalism and Public Relations. He minored in Black Studies. He worked for 13 years as an editorial assistant at TV Guide Magazine in New York City and Radnor, PA. He also worked for a short time for the Philadelphia Tribune in Philadelphia where he devotedly covered North Philadelphia. He attended graduate school at Temple University where he studied Communications and Journalism under a Scripps-Howard Scholarship, but he never got his graduate degree. He left TV Guide in 1995 and never looked back. In 2003 he generated enough support for Himself from the community, family and friends to start his own business (Public Relations, Marketing, Education, Research Real Estate Managment and Community Advocacy) at 38th and Lancaster Avenue in the Powelton Village of Philadelphia. After a year and a half he had to move into his basement in New Castle, but plans to branch out once again very soon in the Philadelphia area..... [He has already attained two licenses and a Business Bank Account at PNC in Philadelphia.]

``Writing in Wet Cement,'' is his new BLOCKBUSTER book, due on February 9th 2013.… He has many expectations for it and has worked hard on it. His father, Mr. Charles S. Gibson, is now deceased, but before His death had supported Brother Gibson with ideas and some financial help along the Way as has his only sibling, Mrs. Aziza Gibson Hunter of Washington, D.C. He has been a political advocate for the economically disadvantaged, the Black and the left out for over 35 years and has worked for many political organizations in the Philadelphia area. Brother Gibson has also worked on political campaigns including the election of Philadelphia’s first Black mayor (W. Wilson Goode) and for his former State Representative, Vincent Hughes (Who is now a State Senator). He wrote for other publications such as Male Box Magazine, Au Courant and The Philadelphia Daily News (Guest Opinions). He presently writes for his own Blog: ``The Politics of Real''; and ``The Leon Williams Journal'' and He is working on parlaying his successes with the current book into a regular opinion piece for a major publication. His younger niece, Thandiwe Gibson-Hunter who now attends school at Spelman University in Atlanta, once told him that ``success is in the eye of the beholder.'' This quote is something positive to holds on to in the tough times, the former reporter says. You can reach the Writer/Journalist at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com or

You can view some of my writing samples on the web at or you can write him at:

Brother Tracy Gibson
Address: 213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139-4205

Brother Gibson has several other projects in the works besides His books including: The Black Millionaire's Network [Which is a financial network and education tool to help Black People of all income levels to build up their finances and get on sure financial footing by: increasing their credit rating; investing in progressive non-military and non-oil company stocks; saving money; supporting Black stores and Black businesses; preparing to buy a home or income property; and increasing their income]. Members of The Black Millionaire's Network feels stabilizing Black families, Progressive Black People, Black Communities and Black Progressive Institutions is the best and quickest Way for Black People to realize their positive, constructive and forward-moving dreams; send their children to college; and buy property instead of losing property and experiencing an economic down turn. We want to see more Black People stabilizing their businesses; acting in a more direct, honest, responsible and professional manner regarding ALL actions, especially economic and financial actions; and thinking of Greening their businesses while planning for a more stable and sustainable future.

Another of His projects is known as ``The Knowledge Hut On-Line Store'' which is dedicated to bringing positive, proactive, and constructive educational products before Black youth especially, to help them build on strong family ethics and values that are hopefully centered in a positive household. If such values are sometimes lacking in the home, WE hope and believe our products Will help reconstruct and move those values ahead in our young people's minds--as Well as among their parents--and help them live better. We are working to see Black youth open their minds to thinking and acting more positively about moving forward in Ways where they interact positively with peers, older adults, parents, their church or Mosque, guardians, the public, their other family members, respected members of the communities in which they live and work and their siblings. WE want to have stores in several areas and cities across the Nation, but will start with an on-line store centered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...

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