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The Article Below is By Brother Tracy Gibson...

I Think it was Che Ernesto Grevera who said--and I'm paraphrasing here--It is love, true love that is at the core and root of what motivates us as Revolutionaries...

I profess that our Latin Revolutionary mind--the mind of Che--was and is totally correct.  To love your fellow human being and want to see them totally free is the deepest love of all.  To really care about not only your own people or race, but all of humanity--even people who totally disagree with you politically is the real and actual apex AND BASE of LOVE.  It is not a low and corrupted desire for lust or a love for money that really is a high-minded love, although these formations of what the everyday man and everyday woman thinks of love also moves mountains and help motivate people to no end.  Such formations as physical lust and the love of money are not, and I repeat not true, pure and righteousness love formations.  They are about personal sexual gratification or they are about the need to surround yourself with things of monetary value like ornate furniture, exotic foreign cars and big fancy houses. This is often to show off to friends and family that you have acquired some of the better things and items in life.  This is to reflect another base or low human trait which is boastfulness ad pride derived from the ownership of things of great beauty and monetary value.  Creating jealousy in other people only shows another human frailty--not a human strength.  That is a dangerous game to play with another person's mind.

Of course there is also the LOVE between two adults--be it a woman and a man or same sex couples, or any variation of transgendered people with straight gay or other transgendered people.  This LOVE is also very special, wholesome and unique and may be within a race or between races, religions or what have you.  This LOVE can be very special and wonderful, especially for the young and young at heart.  It can really warm the soul and lift one's life to have that special someone in your life.  This cannot be denied, but such LOVE, even such LOVE as this, in my mind, rings somewhat hollow unless one has a connection to the LOVE of man and Woman kind that allows one to help the lower classes and rectify what is going on in the world that is evil, rotten and unfair.  Unless We are connected to correcting what is unfair and unjust, we are really unable to really have true LOVE at ALL--because we are acting with a form of ignorance or malice about our fellow human beings.  We must take up peaceful arms and use them, be it a pen or a picket sign, a bull horn or an artist paint brush , or a dollar or two to donate to a Homeless Shelter, we must be connected in this day and time when so much information is available to find out what is happening to ALL people [there really is no excuse] we must ALL be connected to making the world better somehow and helping the environment [which helps us all] or helping people who are in need get food and sustenance, or shelter, of clothing or decency in some other Way] or I can and do argue that we really don't have full and complete LOVE in our hearts.
We ALL deserve--just by being a part of the family of man--We ALL deserve a basic decent living standard and a basic living wage just for being human.  The concept of a soup kitchen and a homeless shelter should one day be cast aside and obsolete when More humans of wealth and power and the rest of the everyday human family discovers WE ALL have basic human needs that if gone unmet reflect a very low level of existence for ALL of us including even the richest and the most wealthy among us.

When an East Indian child, or an untouchable, or an African Child or baby cries for food or milk that Her or His Mother and Father do NOT have something inside ALL of us cries also.  I don't care how much you hide your head in the dirt of sand, there is something deep inside you not being fulfilled when even just one member of our family of man or one member of our family of woman goes hungry or without the basic needs we ALL should have.

Yes it is a cliche, but it is true--I'm--We all are our Brother's [and Sister's] Keeper......

I saw an image the other day on TV.  It is an old image and one I have seen many times before.  IT is very disturbing .  It is an image of a little man, a prisoner, a Viet Kong, handcuffed and literally being shot in the head.  It disturbed me greatly, even though I have seen it many times before and even though the Viet Nam war is long over.  The person pulling the trigger on the hand gun is White, but that only matters, somewhat, and only really in a political sense.  Cruelty against any person whether He be a Bradley Manning or a Malcolm X or a Martin Luther King, Jr., or a Fanny Lou Hammer or a Med gar Eve rs or a Mahatma Gandhi--or an ordinary little man like that Viet Kong.  It doesn't matter.  It is inhuman and cruel non the less.  Entire Nations such as the Congo have been robbed of decades of Progressive and Revolutionary leadership. When the orders were carried out by the United Nation's Security Council--which  ironically is suppose to care about peace and prosperity for us all--all over the world--I would think.  When such a body carries out the plan, to kill a person of the international stature and reputation of a Patrice Lamumba, who four months prior to His death was elected President of His country--The Congo--there is something hateful and wrong in the way some of our political bodies are being run.  There is something deeply wrong with even democracy as a process.  [but thank GOD democracies seem to have build into them some room for change]. But it is not only democracies that have such problems.  Another picture comes to mind.  Another two pictures stand out.  The student in China who stood in front of the armed tank at Tiananmen Square in Chine and defied the government of Red China--this is courage.  Much more courage than it takes to use the automatic, electronic devices one has to use to control the drone bombers that kill hundreds of people.  Much more courage than it takes to mindlessly shoot down children in Sandy Hook; much more courage than it takes to then stand before Congress and defend the right to bare arms and maintain the 2nd Amendment; and much more courage than it takes to let African and   Asian Children starve.  The gentleman at Tiananmen Square was not only motivated by deep and abiding feelings of desire for freedom he also wanted self-respect where self-respect was lacking.  He also wanted to taste real freedom.  A luscious sweetness we all need to taste.  We were getting this sweet nectar in our mouth in the 1960's, until Robert F. Kennedy was stolen away from us and the Law and Order Bitterness of Richard Nixon was presented to us. Such real freedom has been corrupted, eroded and receded even in our own country by the passage of Bills into Law of such items as the Patriot Act I [signed by President Bush]; and the Patriot Act II [signed by President Barack Obama] ; and the National Security Act [ also signed by President Barack Obama]. The gentleman student at Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989 was also motivate by some of the purest feelings of love that any man or woman could have.  These Laws refute such love, are an affront to humanity and MUST be repealed in the United States or anywhere wise where they show their ugly head.

This is what Che was talking about. This is what Che was describing to us. There is still another picture.  IT is of a young girl--a flower child--during Viet Nam--who put a flower in the end of a rifle.  This simple, perfect statement of non-violence, LOVE, PEACE and revolution was clear, concise and filled with human decency and LOVe and admiration for our fellow humans.  It shows the total power of LOVE and PEACE to disenfranchise and defeat hate and war at every turn. It is simple in its' concept and imagery, but so overwhelmingly powerful that the media picked it up and made it into a culturally classic photo.  It was what my late friend Activist Bill Hill would call a Classic Example of PEACE and Love!!

The LOVE of Freedom--against All Odds, against the hand of money, power and oppression when it is used for evil--no matter what color that oppressive hand comes in color or where it comes from...... There in another hand--the hand of freedom that still exists in this world.  What ever motivated such real feelings of Freedom no matter who has such feelings, be it Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth or Winnie Mandela--such efforts reflect a truer love than many of us will ever enjoy or understand if we have not stood up and said NO to the hand of oppression--in ALL its' colors, formations and trappings....  The love of a person like Paul Robeson--another Freedom Fighter or a Noam Chomsky or a Frederick Douglas.  This is true love. Ashe. AMEN!!

*Writer's Note: This article is still being finalized...  I may have used the term men and women for this article, but that in no way means to refute or lessen the significant contributions that people who are transgendered made to the societies of the World...

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