Sunday, February 3, 2013

Controling Stress.....What To DO That... Works for Me!!!

To Control Stress is to TAKE ACTION in your life. It is to say ``NO'' to allowing the established Order to dictate to you how you will interact with the people of our Nation and the Culture we live in. Reducing stress also allows you to take greater control over your life and to discover more, new positive things about you.
I am NOT a doctor or a psychiatrist but some of the things that have worked for me in my personal attempts to reduce stress have been:

*Calling a good friend and talking out what's bothering me.
* Turning off Network TV, especially the news, and violent Police Shows and reading a good book, listing to classic jazz [or even some classical European music] or exercising instead.
* Calling my Pastor at church to discuss any serious problems I might be having.
* Going for a good rudimentary walk.
* Having sex with a significant other or your special partner. [Safe sex highly recommended!!!]
* A Good Professional massage will help lower stress also.
*Going to see a good old-fashioned comedy at the movies or an exciting OLD FASHIONED action movie.  [Do they still make them...]
* Other exercise like Aerobics, Jazz Dance or Push Ups or SIT UPS.
[I have to be honest, at my age, 56, I rarely do these.]
* Do house work such as cleaning, or washing the dishes or dusting or fixing something that you know for sure how to fix.

* Attending church service or visiting with friends...
* Writing a letter about something that is bothering you or to someone who has hurt you, even if you do not mail it.

*Listening to the Calming ocean waves and the ocean crashing on rocks or at the shore [This really helps me and is REALLY fantastic...]

Stress reduction, in these difficult economic times we live in, can actually save lives and make life easier because it helps to:
* Reduce and resolve interpersonal and stress related conflicts.
* Relax the mind and body.
* Lower blood pressure.

* Burn off dangerous fats.
* Act as a coping mechanism.

* Help you get more enjoyment out of life.
*And make personal interactions more meaningful and enjoyable.
* The exercise aspect can also help you lose weight which is very helpful health wise. [Plus you will look better, which is a plus].

* Another suggestion is to go to snf input stress reduction and see what books come up and buy one that is of interest to you.

It is important to remember to ``Do Something'' about stress, take an active Roll, instead of get angry and let it eat you up inside.

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