Saturday, February 23, 2013

Take Em Down Starts by Lifting US Up...

There is a segment of the Black Adult film ``Take Em Down Two'' that features two attractive Black men who must have been Lovers in real life long before the cameras started rolling.  Slayer and Juice, the two gentlemen featured in the segment, didn't slap each other on the butt, call each other the ``N'' Word or otherwise physically or verbally abuse each other.  What they did do was made Love to each other in one of the most tender, Loving and intimate sexual exchanges I have ever seen depicted on screen.  They authentically seemed to care about each other as they used condoms in most scenes and took time and patience with each other in a Way I have never, ever seen present between two men before.  The thoughtfulness and kindness that goes into each scene is something other adult film directors should and MUST take note of.  So many new adult male films for the Black male audience show such a high level of abuse and disregard for the actors that I really can't bare to watch them.  There are whole segments of Gay adult porn for Black men that I will NOT purchase or buy.  There is just far too much recklessness as men enter each other without using condoms and hit and slap and curse one another. Slayer and Juice have an extraordinary sense of patience and LOVe with one another.  Such tender interactions are very much needed as We face some stipulations regarding the bedroom that need to be dealt with in a more honest, wholesome and truthful manner.  The days for sleeping with three different partners or men within a six month period for Black Gay Men need to be put to Rest forever.  We, as Black Gay Men, need to take our time and get to know each and every man we become intimate with for at lease a month before we enter into any  Level of intimacy with such a partner.  Such things, in this Year of Our Lord 2012, cannot be legislated, but We Must come to terms with the consequences of sharing our bodies with too many partners.  I predict that as marriage equality becomes more popular and advantages of the U.S. military's and Congress' recent rejection of Don't Ask Don't Tell hit home--it Will become more radially evident that a more reasonable history of who we share out beds with is the only path that makes good sense.

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