Thursday, February 7, 2013

TO: Bill and Patti

Letter to Generate Support for the Event on the 23rd of March, 2013…

From: Brother Tracy Gibson…

Dear Celebrity Contact Persons for John Legend; Nina Simone's Foundation: Erykah Badu: Stevie Wonder: Levar Burton, Host of PBS' Reading Rainbow: Aretha Franklin: Bill Cosby: First Lady Michelle Obama: Patti LaBelle: Common: Jay-Z and Beyonce: Oprah Winfrey : Nona Henrix: Malaak Compton-Rock and Chris Rock: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith: Michelle Obama and Barack Obama: Billy Dee Williams: Mary J. Blige: Grace Bumbry: Gabrielle Douglas: Tami Roman: Eagles Receiver DeSean Jackson: Dennis Haysbert: Idris ELba: Lena Horne's Foundation: Queen Latifah: Andrey 3000: Windy Williams: : Whoopi Goldberg: Jamie Foxx: Blair Underwood: Van Jones: Boris Kodjoe: Lance Gross: Will Smith: Janet Jackson: Quincy Jones: Alisha Keys: Diana Ross: Venessa Williams: Ruby Dee: Harry Belafonte: John Legend: Desmond Tutu: Nelson Mandela: Mariah Carey and Her Husband Nick Cannon: Lizz Wright: Eric Benet: Trey Songz: Frank Ocean: Maurice Hines: and Chris Tucker:

I am sure you get requests ALL the time for charities and events that are important to mostly non-profit community groups. I don’t want to bore you with all the details of my life, but I have spent 35 years doing all sorts of volunteer work for Black youth; the larger community of American citizens; people in need; and political advocacy. I have served on the boards of a few organizations and have broken ground on reaching out to people who have been difficult to reach or who are somewhat confined in who they contact on a daily basis.

I want to do an Awards Banquette - fund raiser for my organization – The Black Millionaire’s Network. What we do is lay a path for people to follow that leads to financial stability and Black prosperity. We are really in the development stages, but I have been working the plan—which includes getting one’s credit rating in order, preparing to buy property, considering taking classes, formerly going back to school, or just taking workshops and seminars on personal finance and controlling one’s money better—and I have had my personal credit score raised over 200 points over the last seven months. [See more details and an application inside]. I owe the caterer for the event about $10,500.00 and I owe money also for the costs of the awards and the musical entertainment for the evening of the 23rd of March... [Please see the enclosed budget also.] The event is set for March 23rd, 2013, but can be pushed back further if need be. [It is amazing how time catches up when one is so busy in one’s daily life doing good and constructive works]. I have put about $2,900.00 of my own money into the proposed event which was used to reserve the room at The Temptation Club in German Town and as a Down Payment for the Caterer…

I have attached a resume that Will help explain the hard work I have done over the many years of my existence and help you to know for sure and understand that I am not trying to take anyone’s money for my own use or to misappropriate money in any illegal or inappropriate way. [I had an office from April 2006 to September of 2007 at 3819 Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia, but had to close down and move when I lost a major client, who was my Father, Mr. Charles S. Gibson, for whom I did Real Estate management]. The parent company of The Black Millionaire’s Network is called Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc. which does mostly Education, outreach and Public Relations work. We have a bank account at PNC Bank at 4th and Market Street in Philadelphia and we have two viable licenses with the City of Philadelphia. We are NOT profitable yet, but are using the event on the 23rd to generate public support and interests among potential clients for both The Black Millionaire’s Network and Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc. One of the main subsidiaries of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc. is The Black Millionaire’s Network which [as We said] is designed to put Blacks, regardless of their station in life, on the correct path to financial salvation and economic stability. We will be working with Black investment houses; Black financial advisors; and Black accountants, not only in the Philadelphia area, but across the country, to help alleviate one of the major problems that Black people face—the correct and appropriate handling of money. We as Blacks often spend millions of dollars of hard earned cash on the lottery; booze; and cigarettes when that cash should be going to our children’s education’s; our plans for retirement; and the upkeep of our properties.

Basically ALL my business interests are about helping disadvantaged Black youth, especially males, but females as Well, get a better grip on reality and end the Bling Bling craziness that often has them clamoring for ``things’’ instead of building better relationships, getting educated and treating their peers and elders with respect and dignity. Often our youth are entangled in the advances of technology, but to no benefit of themselves. They are consumers who make money for other people who only see them as dollar signs. My companies are designed to bring some needed light into the picture and help our Black families deal with reality in a constructive, on-going and dignified manner.

I hope you will have a representative call me and discuss the particulars of any help We might get from you.

Peace, LOVe and Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson,

President and CEO OF:

Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates Inc.

And The Black Millionaire’s Network…

Local Address:

213 South 49th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19139-4205



NOTE: We have been in a research and development mode for several years because we have been unable to get any money to move forward like we had hoped. Because of this, we have NOT filed taxes. All our present costs have been for: Stamps and postage; getting licenses; office supplies; transportation; and such. We do have a federal tax ID number which is: 27-0145705. Start-up funds have been hard to come by because of the sensitive political nature of some of our advocacy work [which is related to education and developing young Black minds]. We have been advised by a Ms. Pearl Wang-Herrera of the Temple University Small Business Development Center, 1510 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, Philadelphia 19121. You can reach her at: 2152045973 or e-mail:

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