Saturday, February 23, 2013

SITAR INDIAN RESTARANT.....A Good Alternative for the Family Instead of Mickey Dees.....

They are at 60 South 38th Street. They make a wonderful alternative to McDonald's at 40th and Walnut, if you want to take you and your children and your friends and family for a special treat. [God Know Mickey Dees is literally killing people with the fried foods, the chemically raised and chemically treated foods, the fat, the salt and the pork and beef that are corn fed and loaded with chemicals. The sugar they are serving cannot be made light of and must be avoided in the diet in a real and general sense. God knows WE have to get used to eating better food and taking care of our health through the good and better foods WE eat.]

[By The Way, if you are Black and haven't read The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's ``What to Eat to Live,'' from Way back in the 1050's you are really missing something. I strongly suggest this book...]

Sitar India offers a buffet dinner every day for about $15.00 [including tip] and it is really great. The first thing I want to mention is the dessert which was a light dish with chick peas and walnuts. It was sweet and tasty and quite good. It also seemed quite nourishing as well. They also had many formations of chicken that were in delightful sauces and were quite good. You can eat all you want and there is also fruit salad and regular salad to clean the Colon and palate and make the body healthy.

If you are NOT in for the Buffet, there are also an assortment of other dishes [for dinner] that I think you might want to try and might like [I have to admit that I have only tried the buffet so far, but I will mention some items on the menu that I think you might want to try.]

From the seafood realm there is Curry Shrimp which is in a mildly spiced sauce. As you may know curry is a spice that generally speaking has many madisimal purposes that make it quite an advantage for the human body, mind and spirit. It is quite good for you and is one of the reasons why the East Indians have such good health generally as a people. Curry Shrimp is about $12.99 per person.

Another dish one might want to try is Masala Fish. This is served with ``exotic spices'' onion, green peppers and tomatoes. This sounds quite nice and I will have to try it the next time I am in the Sitar India Restaurant.

By the Way, this restaurant, which is within walking distance from my house in West Philadelphia near 38 and Sansom Street, is very nicely designed and the furniture and architecture is quite pleasing to the eye. It really allows one to relax and enjoy the person or people you might have brought with you or just dine peacefully alone. The service staff was also quite nice, polite and helpful and even made a suggestion that I have Indian Tea instead of regular tea, which was really, really quite good. I had a problem with my credit card that I wasn't at all expecting and instead of getting upset with me the management let me pay the $5. tip a few days later when I had more money. This is something they didn't even have to do and I was quite fortunate and lucky and happy that they allowed this. I, of course, paid the money back in a few days, so there was no incident or problem. It is always nice to have nice people who are forgiving of our little mistakes and human frailties, isn't it. Call them to ask when they are open at 215.662.08.18. They deliver also.

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