Sunday, February 3, 2013

Family Deli...Good Food....

There is a small Deli on 52nd Street near Larch Wood, right across the street from the Old Black Oak Park {Now refurbished and called Malcolm X Park}. The Deli is called Family Variety and Deli. Their phone number is: 2154768024. It is totally Black Owned and Operated. They have a variety of sandwiches and platters. The platters are sold mostly on Friday's after about 3 P.M.And Saturday, but may be available during the week also, but in limited variety.  The food is quite tasty and healthy. I always enjoy the food when I go there. It is a total take-out place, but their Chicken Stakes are really good, but I especially like the Navy Bean Soup that they sell beginning in September. Sometimes there is a line for that alone. It rivals the Navy Bean Soup that was sold at the Patterson's Restaurant on 5th and Spring Garden that I used to take my now deceased Mother--Mrs. Jessie M. Gibson--to. I'm talking about really, really good soup. The old Patterson's Restaurant is now closed, but I have heard it might open again near Broad Street and Girard Avenue. The one on 5th and Spring Garden Street burned down years ago. It is a good thing to find a few good Black restaurants to go to consistently that you really like.  It helps strengthen Our Black economy and Our Black Community.

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