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A Dear John Letter...

September 18th, 2012 Tuesday

RE: Investing in A Community Based, Self-Help, For Profit Company in the West Philadelphia area.
``We are Dedicated to helping Black Youth Find a More Positive Way’’

TO: Brother Stevie Wonder, Sister Alicia Keys, and Brother John Legend…
From:  Brother Tracy Gibson, Owner Operator and Founder of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc. / and Founder and President of:  The Black Millionaire’s Network…
Dear Good Friends and Fellow Dedicated to the Advent of Our Black Youth into many Positive Tomorrows…

I have been touting many ideas about how to help our Black youth become less destructive and self deprecating, and more productive and helpful to their communities, themselves, each other and to the country at large. I want to tell you about three components of the ideas I have been working on: 1) The Knowledge Hut Stores is designed to be a store that doesn’t just throw products at our young people and wait to see what they buy.  Instead we will offer items from a selected pool of products that have been specially designated to help young people grow and develop into productive, responsible, reliable, law-abiding and wise North American Black citizens.  We will offer: Tee-Shirts with progressive sayings on them and progressive, often Afro-Centric images; CD’s and DVD’s with music that is conductive to creating better values in our youth {not promoting bad language, the victimization of women, promoting crime and the thug life and, or homophobia, bullying et,}; DVD’S {entertainment and educational}  in a similar order that promote acceptance of the diversity in our communities and good values concerning education, decency, family, and trust; Greeting cards with funny, inspirational and positive sayings eventually to be written by the young people themselves; Books that teach better substantial values, our history, our purpose, how to respect each other and that will help develop good business ethics.  Other products such as healthy food snacks will also be for sale.  Eventually we want to produce many of the products in our own factory right in West, South West or North Philadelphia and have many youth who don’t want to attend college on a full-time basis, work at our factories at good pay, with benefits.  {We have projected that our products-Tee-Shirts for example—may well have to sell at $50. Each to make up for the cost of decent wages, benefits and so forth, but the shirts will also be a fund–raising device to pay for future corporate investment.  2) The second component of our corporation is the two books I have been working on getting published.  The First one is entitled ``A Grass-Roots Criteria for Liberation.’’  It is some 650 pages long and is dedicated to building better values in our youth through the telling of my own personal story and offering political vignettes, commentary, history, Celebrity Profiles, reviews of artistic events and so forth. 3) A Full-Fledged National security firm aimed at protecting and defending the new and existing infrastructure we will be building and developing as our economic movement takes hold. We will be hiring Brothers and Sisters coming out of the military and various police departments to take part as managers and employees at good pay and with benefits.  Considering what happened to the Black Wall Street in the 1920’s,---a military, government sanctioned attack on our vital interests in Tulsa Oklahoma which left some 300 Black people dead and our Hotels, Stores, Restaurants and so forth, burned to the grown because they were left defenseless—we will need to defend our investments and our people.   I have included my executive Summary which talks about the funds needed for the ``Knowledge Hut Stores’’ alone.

We hope you can help with some seed money {Say $20,000.} for these on-going efforts.  As you can see from my resume, I am hard-working, dedicated and committed to the cause of our Black youth pulling ahead and making something very, very positive of theme selves.  I hope to hear from you soon.  Our Corporate EIN Number is 27-0145705. We were incorporated in December of 2006 in Philadelphia under the banner of (Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC.}

Please Send to:

Mr. John Legend
The Show Me Campaign
Post Office Box 252176
Los Angeles, California  90025

From: Brother Tracy Gibson
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205



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