Tuesday, May 6, 2014

a positive message to Europeans

A Positive Message to People of European Descent Who Do The Correct (Not the Right Wing) Thing…….
By Brother Tracy Gibson Of Philadelphia & Delaware

To ALL People who are of European ancestry and had the courage, this political season, to vote for Barack Obama, I want to say—THANK YOU!!! And I mean that in a big way. Things are bad economically right now in this land called North America. The dollar is falling in value, the housing market is unstable, auto workers are being laid off, the skyrocketing cost of fuel oil and gas has caused EVERYTHING to increase in price—far out pacing increases in income and wages. America is a ship on its’ way to disaster—unless things change and thinking changes. There is only one major candidate who has a strong enough stand in his record to continue to take the correct path to steer us away from the clear and present dangers of what might face us. That candidate is Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. Many, many Whites in the states of Delaware, North Carolina, Oregon, Mississippi, Iowa, Virginia, Wyoming, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, New York, Florida, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Nevada, Utah & Colorado gave Senator Obama their votes. No, he did NOT win all those states, but thousands of White people saw a way to support him. There is a long tradition of people of European descent and Jewish people helping Black people and being able to see that the rights guaranteed White Americans are not necessarily placed at the feet of Black Americans. From the old abolitionists of the 1700’s and early 1800’s on through the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement and on until today there have been writers, activists and politicians, housewives, home-makers and handymen who have crossed the line and not only campaigned or worked in the Black community, but have given back needed dollars to help Black progressive causes and candidates. There is the likes of John Brown who is know for attempting a slave revolt in 1859 at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. He largely went down to defeat and was hung because he couldn’t get many Blacks to join him. There are few Whites who will make that kind of sacrifice. But there are people like Ramsey Clark, Jane Fonda, many of the Kennedys, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and even some personal friends of mine such as John S., the Piettes (Joe & Betsey) and Aaron L. of the Philadelphia area who happen to be White and have dedicated their lives to helping Blacks and fight against racism, poverty and oppression. Such people, around the world, are fighting for a host of humanitarian causes. Often Black Nationalists say such people are very few and far between, but there is a growing number of people of European descent who will not just give to the United Negro College Fund, and the NAACP, but also vote for Black candidates, advocate against racism and give to more progressive organizations and causes. There numbers are slowly growing. Some people, like the governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, said there were not enough Whites to make the difference for our Brother Barack. I think there are, certainly not a majority of Whites, but I know the number can grow if we recognize those who has had the courage and audacity to hope, to grow with us and to support us in our quest towards full human status in North America and the rest of the world. .. By saying it won’t happen, it continues NOT to happen. By recognizing that it has—in Georgia, Tennessee, Delaware, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and Colorado—it can continue to happen in the future.

We have seen what the Clintons have done. (Write me at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com and I will send you an interesting article about them.) We need a fresh start and we need someone who is NOT tied to ALL the corrupting influences of the established order. Barack is NOT perfect, but he IS trying to give our Nation a fresh start and bring some badly needed ethics into the political spectrum of North America. His Republican opponent will wrap himself in the American flag and whip up phony patriotism to try to make it past the November finish line ahead of his Democratic challenger. I am praying that North Americans won’t be fooled by that again as they were back in 2000 and 2004. (I hope you will read the article on Patriotism on this web page—[] or write me for a copy.) There was a White person who helped me buy my first home who was also a personal friend of my father’s and I was trained in politics by people from a multitude of races—including Whites. It will take ALL of us to win in the FALL election. But first we must look deep inside and ask: Why can’t the North America Dr. King dreamed of and that so many have fought for become a reality? There is NO REASON why we can’t live in a world that is peaceful and oriented toward real JUSTICE instead of so much greed, suffering and pain. A world where people don’t have to be exploited by Big Oil companies like Exxon because such companies are simply driven by (excluded) in favor of companies like Citgo which gives back to poor and disenfranchised people. It should not only be fashionable to NOT shop at Wal-Mart, (because of some of their harsh and anti-people, anti-family policies) but why not choose Target which gives back to people-oriented social programs that help those of us most in need. To get back on the subject, I again thank ALL people of European descent who have taken the time to really study the issues and have seen that their best interest is tied to voting for Barack. GOD Bless you!!

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