Thursday, May 29, 2014

We are GODs NOT DOGs.....

A great many young Black men go about their everyday experiences talking to each other and calling themselves dogs. I find this a problem for me as an older Black man who LOVes Himself and has gone through the ringer of racism in our Nation.

I don't get angry, but I feel a sadness in my heart about our young Brothers calling themselves dogs.  Especially when one considers that we have a connectedness to the Lord our GOD that few if any other people on the earth have.  It is more than our oppression, it is our place in history and our history of hard work and decency along with our moral courage and our ethical fortitude that drives us to be in a place and time that is closer to and may very well be GODly and of the creator.

I must mention that we are not talking about actually being the top man, but in some African religions and some traditional African Spiritual beliefs there is more than one GOD and man takes on the characteristics of GOD if, I believe, He or She is of good stature and GOOD will.  How do I know this? I am going on emotion and feelings.  I have to do the research.  That is why I'm writing at the end of this log here that I will look into A few African religions and tell you what I have learned later.  I am not Just Doing IT at the commercial says, I'm going to research it at a later date. It will just take me a few days or so to get some answers.   What I want to ad here is Don't just Do It--research it, listen to others, get some experience under your belt, and do you homework.  After that, just do your writing or rappin, or whatever you do to communicate.  I am going to take the time to look into this. THIS ARTICLE IS STILL BEING RESEARCHED.  PLEASE CONSIDER IT AN UNFINISHED WORK AT THIS POINT. May 29th, 2014 Thursday.

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