Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bringing African and Chinese Children Togther for a Week of Peace.....

January 22, 2014 Wednesday; United States Time.

To: The People of China and Children of China; People of Africa and Children of Africa; and The First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama and Her Daughters; the International media; The People of the United States and Our children.

From: Peaceful Human Rights Organizer Brother Tracy Gibson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

RE: An Idea to Bring People and children together.

Comments: I have heard rumors that the People of Africa and the People of China are having some difficulties getting along with some people feeling used or exploited and some people feeling taken advantage of and some people not having a good feeling of sharing. I have an idea that will help. It is always a good thing to bring children together when such difficulties occur to help the process smooth itself out and make feeling heal and get better. [By the Way, my ancestor, Cousin Marie Nelson is the One who told me about this, so I don’t get full credit.].

More Comments: The idea is to have a physical cultural exchange between the people of China and the many, many African countries on the Continent of Africa. I was thinking, with Marie’s help, that we should ask the people of China to have their many children make something like bicycles, a blanket or a little bowl of food—to be shared with the people of the African continent.  In return the Africans could supervise their children making something like a piece of pottery, a blanket or head ornament for the People of China and the Children of China.  NO MONEY WOULD HAVE TO BE EXCHANGED OR CHANGE HANDS!! 

More Comments: This could bring the children together for a peaceful activity while they are thinking about some people far, far away who they never met—but children like themselves.  It would be a cultural exchange and something positive to help relations between China and many African nations that would be taking place.

More Comments: The First Lady of the United States would be a great person to make sure this happens in a peaceful and positive Way and help pictures of the children in the activity of making the exchange gifts go across the world to create peace, understanding and good will for all people taking part and all of womankind, mankind and childrenkind to share in.

More Comments: I hope you like my idea and Marie’s idea. It is offered free of charge and with an open and happy heart so that adults and children can work on something that helps encourage good will, happiness and peace.

Many Blessings, and Much Peace,

Brother Tracy Gibson,

Peaceful Human Rights Organizer from the United States of America.

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101-2878

Phone: 1.215.471.64.94.

cc: Joe the Shoe Man; The Campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania; Certain Progressive Groups; The Cub Scouts and The Girl Scouts; The Little League of Philadelphia; The Harlem Boys’ Choir; Parent of Lesbians and Gays;  Industrialists Ted Turner; Industrialists Warren Buffett; and Chairwoman And CEO of Xerox, Ursula M. Burns. {Check Spelling of Names}

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