Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Mandate for the People.

Any Corporation--Public or Private, Profit or Non-Profit, and in ANY way formulated MUST take into consideration All Community standards deemed urgent and necessary by legitimately calibrated and honestly, scientifically and fairly carried out and achieved and orchestrated polls. These polls will be suited to bring forth more justice, equality, fairness and higher ethical standards in the way such corporate entities are carrying out and doing business. Any corporation or other Profit-making venture or entity or formulation not living up to this rule can and Will be taken over by The People in a good and timely fashion and manner and shall be run by and for the People and in a manner of their good interests and benefit.

The above statement shall be true for ANY and ALL entities operating anywhere on the planet Earth [no matter what it is called] or with any means of operation anywhere on the planet earth or anywhere else in the Universe or even within Man, Woman or Transgendered people or people of any other age including children. There Will be fairness and equality in this world and you cannot escape the hands and Will of GOD and I am HIS Spokesperson...
Brother Tracy Gibson....

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