Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Black Gays & Black Lesbians as a Real Assett to the Future of Our World.....

Black Gays and Black Lesbians as a Real Assett to The Future of Our World.

It is obvious, but hidden in plane sight. If We, the people Living on this precious, precious earth don't take the advice of police abuse victim Rodney King & quickly learn to ``just get along'' much better, our space ship earth may be doomed beyond recognition within a few short months. I am not sure we have years left any longer. I am very fearful. That is why I feel like I don't care if People think I'm a little strange when I ask for money to fuel my revolution--my Peaceful, non-violent revolution that is connected to the revolutions of many others. What many people don't know & what I am writing about here the thing hidden--is the fact we may Well all need Black Lesbian women & Black Gay men more than we think. Black Gay people as a general rule, don't have children through the natural process of our sexual encounters. That doesn't make us useless to our Black People & Our Black community--especially Black Lesbians & Black Gay men who are educated, or street wise and curious about school & reading, or are peaceful and want to get ahead in life and don't have many sexual partners. Black People who are Gay or Lesbian have a great deal to contribute to pour communities. Here are some of the Ways we can & do contribute: * A good Friend of mine, Mr. Robert Mason, Jr., of Jersey City, New Jersey raised well over $6,000.00 for His church [Lafayette Church of Jersey City]. What ever community programs His church, a Black church mind you, provides for the community of New Jersey got financial help because of His efforts & the efforts of People who helped support Him. (I sent in $1.00 & will send in another $14.00 when I get paid very soon.) There are Literally thousands of Black Gay men & Black Lesbian women who do work for & contribute time & money to the Black churches they attend & other Black churches. Their money, their dollars help in this regard tremendously.
* Black Gay men & Black Lesbian women can also serve as stewards and advocates for the Black community. Her, I will use myself as a classic example, as my late friend & mentor Mr. Bill Hill used to say. I write hundreds of letters about properly funding this project or event or person or organization. I have written the major film studios to ask them to utilize Black men & Black women in the Black community in general may not realize it, but Black Lesbian women & Black Gay men who are politically aware serve as a vital victory bridge for our community. We [and I saw we because I am a Black Gay male activist] we help smooth over rough areas like no other group of People, or even no other Black People can--especially when it comes to gay-sensitive issues and gay-sensitive concerns like HIV and AIDS or homophobia in the Black community.

We: * Help mentor, educate, guard & protect young Black People who self-identify as being Lesbian or Gay.
* We provide a Progressive and often even a Revolutionary voice for various concerns including better & more available schools and educations for the Black community and especially the Black community's youth and young people.
* We help bridge better communications between Straight and Gay identified People.

* We Provide good role models for all Black children regardless of what their intimate identification turns out to be when they get older & become sexually active.

*We, if we are financially able, may bridge a financial gap the family is having as parents get older and need suitable lodging in elderly homes.  This can be quite expensive and Black Gays and Black Lesbians who usually don't have the expense of children, may well be able to help financially, if they have the financial wherewithal and the correct attitudes to help.

* We can, again, if we have the financial wherewithal, help to send the family children to school, university, college and trade school, but again, only if we have the correct attitudes, and have done the homework to study this issue by serving on Boards that deal with education or have other such viable experience. [I have served on the Board of The Walnut Hill COmmunity Association as the chair of the scholarship committee and have kept abreast of the education system as it relates toBlack people especially in the Philadelphia area. One of my first cousins has 10 grandsons, all of whom I want to help with college expenses.  I will never be able to do this unless I get the total support from the community for my businesses.  This is why I work so hard on the various issues and write, write each and every day.  I have tried to stay in touch with family and I keep sending letters and cards to friends and family in hopes of supporting people and getting the support back. There are other Black young men and women in my family who I want to put through school.  I don't think they have much of a chance of doing well or getting a decent education otherwise, without such support.  I often think of my first cousins Leon and Larry Wilmore who turned out to have trouble with the law and spent time in the penal system because they didn't have much of a chance early on in life [their parents were either unable or unwilling to send them to college or university.  I also have a gay friend who I want to start a scholarship fund in His name for.  [He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with Honors in math,but is now disabled.].

What I'm getting at here is for Black Gay men and Black Lesbian women to see themselves as leaders in our communities; people to take on responsibility; serious bread-winners; People who can be trusted; People who can be relied upon to help if there is a difficulty.  This takes work.  We have to spend time, I believe, alone and thinking about GOD and with GOD Himself or Herself to get the seriousness of mind and the willingness to set aside the time to study and do what such work takes.  That is why, to also get back to the reason for this article, I think we can help with the population issue. As our earth gets to be older and older, it will be home for more and more families that are differently identified.  Soon, if not right now, we need to provide food for people who just don't have any food and who can only do better if we start eating less meat.  I think Black gay men and Black Lesbian women can also take a leadership position on this issue and help us bring the word out of what might well be another world recession or depression by leading on this issue. [As I have stated earlier in other writings, the food chain sustains itself much better when more people eat more leafy vegetable, fruits, natural grains such as brown rice, wheat bread and wheat pasta instead of having meat at every meal.  It takes a lot of water and grassland to feel livestock and it is more expensive and harder on water supplies and take more grassy area to feed off of livestock such as pigs, cows chickens and even turkey and fish. People who now about sustainability know how to put this issue better than I do, but believe me future-thinkers like myself know the statistics are real and can even be frightening if we don't take ourselves 100 % more seriously and trap hold of these issues and help our Black community. ]  This article is still in the writing stage and requires more research.

By Brother Tracy Gibson…..

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