Friday, May 30, 2014

full financial disclosure for my financial backers.

Full financial disclosure for my financial backers.

Budget June 2014

Food:  $350.00

Medicine:  $250.00

Rent: $89.00

Phone Bill:  $111.00

White Puma Sneakers & Underwear:  $90.00

Bus Money: $50.00

Gym Membership: $25.00

Debt: $115.00

Special Dinner with Friends: $45.00

Total: $1,125---miscellaneous funds left over: $72.00

I have made every effort to pay people who loan me money back within one month, unless they are making a generous donation to my corporate interests. I will add an article soon to describe what we do.  For now I will say we do Public Relations, Education, Philanthropy, Business Development & Community Advocacy with the Black community in mind.  We serve as a positive role model for our youth--if they take the time to see what we have achieved--and our work is not only dedicated to Black youth, but we really want to eventually hire many, many Black young men and Black young women to make some of our products which will include greeting cards and Tee-Shirts.  My income on Social Security Disability is $1,197.00 a month.

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