Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dear Jay Z: I AM.....really no better than you.....

Dear Jay Z: I Am willing to be an advisor to you, but I don't just want to take your money. I want to help give you and your businesses the high grace you will need in this New World.  The ethical values that now need to be reflected in Rap Music; and the new Way more of us need to be living.  It is not strange; it is not stringent; it is not by any one person's rules; it is not only Christian or Muslim; It is a new ethical code that needs to be followed to live on this planet as it changes and moves us forward. It does not require one to walk in lock-step with any one's rules, including mine; it is flexible; it includes diet; play; values; sex; spending quality time with GOD; how we treat ourselves and each other; how we look at our African Ancestors and how we determine what we expect from our partners in life & from our Ancestor's Spirits; how we determine what reality itself is; & what we plan to do with our lives to improve the earth and our status as Black People living here... I hope you will call me so we can talk because I am determined to help you and your wife Beyonce and your new daughter live in such a Way.  You don't have to call me.  You don't have to listen to me, but I can tell you one thing--our Black male youth look up to you enormously and you can help determine a more positive future for many of them, keep them out of jail, & help them become responsible, developed, reliable & productive members of a growing & positive Progressive society. Or you can follow the path you are following right now. The path you are on now is not leading to greatness and ethical acclaim. The path I can help you move towards will. It certainly will... I guarantee it. I am not a psychologist or a professional counselor or a psychiatrist with a lot of degrees. I M NOT A QUALIFIED SOCIAL WORKER. I am not an accredited life coach. But I am a 57-year-old person who has lived and I have been in therapy for over 35 years.  I am not one who thinks He is better than others, but I am one who will listen and one who wants to help people who authentically want to help themselves live their best life. And want the best for our Black community.

It is often hard to follow someone who is so much different from you such as a person like myself.  I am poor and you are very wealthy; I am a Gay person and you are straight; I am a radical and a revolutionary and you are now part of the more conservative established money order; I am supposedly mentally unstable at times and you are probably another person who considers himself sane.  This is where things get difficult.  The reason for this is because this world in North America as we know it is NOT sane. My theory is 50 years from now people will look at the cell phone like a noose; the cable TV like a chain around the ankle; the ipod and the major media like the Ku Klux Klan.  It will take time to see these things clearly because we have become lazy and comfortable with the things the way they are.  The powers that be have made things easy to accept--things like Trayvon Martin's death and His killer being released; things like corruption, greed, police brutality, money under the table to judges, miscarriages of justice for Black men and Black women hanging like ripe low fruit at every turn in our society; racism, cruelty and hatred being sold like there is a Macy's fire sale going on. These issues and problems are dominate in just about all major North American cities. The legislative solutions tend to simple put another fox of Wolf right back in control of the Hen House.  We need fresh ideas that are strong enough to save the planet and most of the next two or three generations.  Frankly, if people like you don't listen, we may have a very, very rough time of it. So I'm asking you to listen and reply.

Write me at:

Brother Tracy Gibson
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101-2878


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