Friday, May 30, 2014

Good Cookin at Tom's Kitchen

Recently I bought some food at a friend's house. He was selling dinners and they were not all that expensive, and you know me, I like to help a Brother or Sister out when I can--even if I'm not too well off financially myself. [If more of us did this instead of worry about what each other has monetarily, we would be a lot better off].  I bought a fried chicken dinner and some greens and other vegetables, as well as some pistachio cake.  I seldom eat fried chicken so I thought I would splurge and go off my diet for a time.    The pistachio cake was Thomas' Grand Father's recipe.  It was extraordinarily good and full of good-for-you fiber. I didn't eat much of the icing because it was too sweet.  The greens were very tasty and full of fiber also.  Now when it comes to fried chicken and if you have the chance to eat some every once in a while like me [I probably don't eat it except maybe once every two months due to fat content, etc.] You should always try a good Brother's brand like Thomas instead of eating the regular suspects chicken like Kentucky Fried Chicken which has made about enough money off the backs of Black people; or Churches which has done so also.  Try Tom's Kitchen.  He is selling dinners next month as well. He also had turkey Wings; Yams; Cream Cheese Sour Cream Pound Cake [also a recipe of His Father's]; and seafood salad; or fried fish.  Call Him next month, June, 2014, to ask when He will sell dinners again. His number is: 1267-499-6313. He lives in German town. They will have delivery. Buying dinners from our friends' is one way to work at bettering the home town economy in our Black neighborhoods.  By the Way another reason to buy dinners from Thomas is because He goes to a Black church [Enon] and is very Religious--and a very nice Brother. Still being checked for spelling and grammar.....

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