Monday, December 14, 2015

5 Most Important Points for my Peace Plan for the Middle East...

Five Most Important Points of My Peace Plan for the Middle East & in the United States of Native America

By Brother Tracy Gibson

  • 1] All elective & Democratic Power must be taken away from the State of Israel; Iran; Syria; The U.S. ; & Egypt. They must all become independent non-aligned, non-partisan Free States where everyone is welcome, everyone and anyone can become a citizen, and everyone has access to jobs, decent housing, food, education & energy for very little. They must all be governed by bodies selected by a fair, incorruptible and independent process outside of any control that can be manipulated in even any slight way by power, money, greed, oil, access to anything creating undue influence or politics. 
  • 2] The United Nation’s Security Council must be disbanded and the process of one nation one vote must be implemented at the United Nations. Otherwise several nations such as Japan, Viet Nam, Cuba, Venezuela, Egypt, Russia, Togo, Mozambique, & Kenya will begin a process of forming a new international band of nations that eventually [in about 12 months] will include about 90 % of the world’s nations & the U.N. will be totally disbanded.
  • 3] As you know the formation of the United States of Native America has already started and it will continue. This will allow a process of the dismantling of the racist and reactionary policies held in most North American corporations to be dismantled and a process to provide food and shelter for all North Americans to commence. Other democratic policies in the U.S. will also commence quickly. Unless this process happens without much fanfare, the violence in the Middle East will escalate. I have no control over this. 
  • 4] There needs to be the start of a process of making Supreme Court Justices in the U.S. serve for only 10 years. This will increase democracy in our country.
  • 5] A legal process must get underway to end gerrymandering in the U.S. for good because there should be two Black Senators from the deep south. Gerrymandering has stopped this process cold.

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