Thursday, December 17, 2015

a letter to bank regulators

Dear Bank Regulators:


Good afternoon. I was recently a victim of a pay roll problem that ended up costing me & my company hundreds of dollars I could not afford. My small pay roll company kept getting the dates wrong for when pay roll was to be taken out of my personal checking account and purposely by ``mistake’’ trying to take funds that were not there.  This caused great havoc with some automatic payments I had set up for several payments. Bank fines of $37.50 were leveled at me for many of the insufficient fund marks on my bank statement. One thing that would help financially challenged people like me, wealthy people like I aim to be, & the middle income People as well would be if corporations & banks who have set up pre-arranged payments were only allowed one attempt to get their money & were barred from that more than one attempt at getting their money. This Way the $250.00 worth of ``non-refundable’’ bank fees & detriments leveled at People like me would not be able to add up causing harm to bank accounts that are hard to recover from on a limited income such as the $1,324.00 a month I make in disability payments each month. If there is anything at all you as a political representative or a bank regulator  or an advocate for consumers can do about repeat and loaded bank fines that makes it illegal for banks and businesses to keep repeating and double and triple pounding fines & for debt assessments to keep piling up, please do so at once. Please STOP the Banks & large businesses especially from taking and or trying to take debt agreements & make hundreds of dollars from these transactions.  When they take funds out more than once positive accounts are quickly drained to the red and the negative. Let’s move just as quickly to make such double and triple fining illegal in our Blessed country—let’s make this a reality. This will not only help income-challenged Black People like myself, it will also help wealthy people like I fully expect to be very soon, & middle income People as well.


Peace & Blessings,


Tracy Charles Gibson,

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer,

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.

An international Firm dedicated to helping Black families maintain wealth, grown wealth & stabilize.     

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