Saturday, December 5, 2015

rethinking the I'm gonna kick yo ass mentality

Why Do Black People Have This I’m-Gon’na-Kick-Your-Ass Mentality and How to Resolve It
By Anonymous
I have often wondered why we in the Black community often have this violent mentality that wants to resolve the smallest of conflict with a fist fight or a drag-out family feud of a regular ole ass kinkin’. Thank GOD we are not all like this, but a growing and significant number of People seem to be having and experiencing such a mentality.
I guess it stems from our history of devastating violence that was inflicted upon us during the Middle Slave Passage and by our White Boss who didn’t pay any wages.  The slave master. Until this day, I don’t want a Master Card because I always think of him.
We know full well what kind of brutality was heaped upon us. It is similar to that which is heaped upon our Black youth by the police, except the White Slave master didn’t have any modern weapons (he did have guns. Modern weapons such as electrical prods and such didn’t exist back then. The White man has whole corporations such as ? that specialize in creating weapons for crowd control, mass destruction, brutality, beatings and such. (If you really want to make a killing in the stock market…..well no, I’m non-violent, and I won’t go you know where.
We, as civilized and sane Black People must be a beacon for others and stop using violence for solving our conflicts and our problems, and we must be positive and good role models for others to do the same. We should speak out against violence at every turn and at every chance we have.  I have been guilty of not speaking out against violence as much as I would like. From now on, at the end of this article in time  -- at about 7:45 A M on Black Family Dinner Day (Thanks giving) or whatever day you call it, I will commence to ending my own violent thoughts and find other solutions than fighting if I have a conflict.
One thing I do is breath hard and think to myself, now I don’t want to end up in jail just for hating on this person or that person, so I had better get over what I’m thinking of doing. Kicking, Screaming, pulling hair, wrestling, getting a more sophisticated weapon than fists – out the window. Not for me. And People, once you take such an oath, will try your patience and make you want to give the proverbial Holler for help from Jesus. It is like when People find out you are poor, but actually have several million dollars in the bank. They will do anything in their powers to try to get at it before GOD lets you at it. It is just human nature. (By the Way folks, I don’t have any much money. I mean really and authentically. I’m trying to get a $10,000.00 life insurance policy together so my dear sister doesn’t have to put me up on a light post is I should precede Her in death).
I want our Black men to take an oath similar to the one given by and asked for by the Good minister Louis Farrakhan on the date of the first Million Man March on DC—October 16th, 1995. Here we go:
``I deplore violence.’’
``I will not use violence to resolve my personal or family problems’’
``Or to resolve any problems I have with any People.’’
``I will go to the proper authorities to resolve a situation that might get or is becoming violent’’
``I will never strike my boyfriend or girlfriend’’
``I will say Prayers to help me get the Spiritual strength I need ‘’
To never become violent or even dwell on thinking about being violent’’
``I won’t watch too many violent movies with consistency or with vigor or fortitude’’
Because they can actually spark more violent thoughts in my mind.’’
``I will talk to a Pastor, or health care provider if I have a violent streak and attend’’
Anger management classes or anger management sessions if I need to.’’
``I will learn to LOVe GOD and accept what I cannot change and learn what I can change’’
And change what I can for the better or best and feel good about myself.’’
``Because money is powerful, and as a Black man I like power, I will save money in the United Bank’’
--the Black bank—and stop spending so much money of booze, the lottery, and joint.’’
``I will use that money to invest positively in my future as a Black Person.’’
``I will not let some Black dude who wrote this run or manage my life either, because GOD gave me a mind to think and I will use that mind and think of even more Ways to be a good and positive thinking person and allow myself to walk a non-violent, peaceful and wealthy GOD’s- path in My life.’’
``I will not be jealous, greedy, envious, or negative in my thinking because GOD can help me with this and She or He will do so if I ask.’’
``I Am a blessed and happy person because I’m non-violent, happy and healthy.’’

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