Thursday, December 17, 2015

choose five things.

Choose FIVE things to get on the correct and righteous path.

Choose FIVE things from this list to Brighten your Day, Uplift your heart, feel more enthusiastic about being The Black Person you are and repeat those five things about five times a day.  You can choose five new things for the next day or you can stay with the original things you selected. The most important thing about this is you can also choose things to say about yourself & How you feel about yourself that brighten your day and keep a smile on your face – as long as they are positive things and as long as you don’t use curse words.  What I say about myself is I Am Black; I Am LOVe; I Am Powerful; I Am Peace; I Am Whole!!!  Here is a list of 100 things to say that you can choose five things from:

1} I Am Black

2} I Am African

3} I Am Proud

4} I Am Gay

5} I Am Straight

6} I Am GOD-like {But I KNOW there is One God Above all}

7} I Am Needed

8} I AM Skilled

9} I Am Loved

10} I Am a Father

11} I AM an Earth Father [Look at the end of this document to see what an Earth Father is)

12} I Am An Earth Mother [Look at the end of this document to see what an Earth Mother is}

13} I Am one who loves being me

14} I AM self determined

15} I AM a woman

16} I AM a Man

17} I AM a Proud Trans-sexual

18} I AM A proud Black man with Native blood & Native Ancestry

19} I AM A Proud Black Man with European blood and European ancestry

20} I Am a Great Person

21} I Am Proud of My African roots

22} I AM Proud of being the best Person I can be

23} I Am a Great leader

24} I Am a Woman of the future

25} I AM a Man of the future

26} I AM proud of the man I LOVe

27} I AM proud of the woman I LOVe

28} I AM never letting go of GOD

29} I Want to earn nice things

30} I want to earn a BMW

31} I want to own an American-made factory

32} I want to own a large apartment building in my name only, because I earned it!!!

33} I LOVe to support Black Businesses

34} I Am never alone because GOD walks with me

35} I Know Earth is Eden!!


37} I Am Oriented Towards Justice!!


39} I LOVe My People, especially the ones with faults


41} I LOVe the Positive Gibson Principles about Africa!!!

42} I Don’t deny myself gifts, LOVe & Pleasures!!!

42} I Am NOT greedy

43} I LOVe Our Ancient Black African Ancestors

44} I LOVe the President of the United States of Native America

45} I LOVe Peaceful, strategic thinking

46} I LOVe My Father & His Memory

47} I Am a courageous Freedom Fighter—NOT A TERRORIST!!

48} I LOVe Cuba & The Cuban Revolution

49} I LOVe clarity & TRUTH

50} I LOVe Being who I AM

51} I LOVe Malcolm X & MARTIN Luther King Junior & FANNY LOU HAMER!!!

52} I LOVe Nelson Mandela; Patrice Lamumb{CHECK SPELLING}a & Coretta Scott King!!!

53} I LOVe The Actress Vanessa Williams & Activist Angela Davis & James Baldwin!!!

54} I deplore violence

55} I Like a Smile, lettuce & tomatoes with my Turkey Burgers – not cheese—It’s healthier!!!

56} I Like Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches – especially when I’m saving money to invest in my Multi-National ``S’’ Corporation – sure beats a blank!!

57} I’ll Always LOVe my Mama – She’s my Favorite Girl!!

58} I LOVe making it to another birthday, because GOD doesn’t have to do this for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

59} I LOVe the work and Memory of Harold Washington, the late Mayor of Chicago who rocked the boat and got elected despite the strong-armed machine politics of the Windy City!!!

60} I LOVe the memory of my ole high school teacher Mrs. Brodie who taught we to appreciate the Written word for the very first time. She Will live in my memory FOREVER!!!!

61} I Love Black People who LOVe other Black People and just don’t get caught up into jealousy. I Am like this sometimes, but sometimes I still have some work to do on this one.

62} I still Love ole James Bond movies even thought I think His character was used to placate the public concerning  the British Secret Service, which is most likely much more ruthless than portrayed in movies like 007

63} I Am About Truth, Justice & The African Way!!!

64} I Am a Jazz aficionado and like to listen & study about jazz.

65} Like the Black Muslims say: ``Do For Self!!!’’

66} I LOVe the Bible.

67} No matter what there is still a powerful BLACK GOD protecting Black People – even though we suffer from time to time

68} Always stop & Smell the flowers – no matter what

69} LOVe yourself first

70} If I live to 85 I will let my guard down and if GOD wants me, I guess there will be nothing else I can do

71} I don’t hate countries or People. I am dismayed and astounded by corruption, greed and the advent of the market in silliness in our North American culture.

72} I LOVe pizza but only if it has plenty of veggies on it a just a little cheese!!!

73} I LOVe the movie Madame X!!

74} I LOVe the movie Lady Sings the Blues and I still haven’t been able to forgive the Academy Awards people for skipping over Diana Ross and the Director Barry Gordy (Check Spelling) for the major award that year {1974} the year I graduated from High School.

75} I LOVe true friends no matter what color they are, or any other physical, mental, emotional, or other characteristic

76} I LOVe People who are honest

77} I LOVe a good teacher, instructor, listener & Giant Intellect

78} Denzel Washington is one of the greatest Black men to ever put on shoes

79} I LOVe Diana Washington

80} I LOVe Billy Eckstein

81} I LOVe Joe Williams

82} I LOVe Billy Holiday – Good Lord they put Her through a lot!!!!

83} I LOVe Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis – the best entertainment couple in the entire world

84} I LOVe being stable of mind & body

85} I LOVe myself and am Able-Minded

86} Therapy is a gift from God, Yourself & Your Doctor

87} Jesus or GOD may be at the Casino, but He decides who wins through a criteria other than one we as humans understand. So, even if you are a GOOD Christian, you still might NOT do well at the Casino.

88} Invest your money. Don’t buy lottery tickets.

89} Good Child-support-paying Dad’s are great!!

90} Hard-working Mom’s are Great also!!!

91} I LOVe nature, the environment & animals.

92} Jannie L. Blackwell needs to resign Her commission and leave Philadelphia’s City Council as does Mr. Ho. They are NOT about decency and being honest with Black People.

93} We need to and must use solar power over fossil fuels and crud oil and gas or our planet is at risk. Do you know where to whip up another planet earth fully equipped with clean oxygen, clean water, and human & animal habitation…I didn’t think so!!

94} Stop wasting People like they are paper dolls. They take thousands of years to evolve and get here on planet earth—ACT LIKE IT!!!!!!! 

95} Some People say eat the rich, I say tame them and teach them decency & humanity!!!

96} How you treat others is a mirror reflecting your true self

97} The Banking system is a shambles. I put my $10.00 under my mattress!!!

98] I LOVe Black Nationalism.

99] I LOVe Pumpernickel Bread

100} I Am a Person Protected by GOD so I Don’t exploit People, & I don’t worry about profits, copyrights, banking, money, wealth, wheeling and dealing, ripping People off and hating over money. I LOVe GOD first and foremost. Money is the last thing on my mind. I LOVe People more than profits!!!

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