Thursday, December 17, 2015

wise people.

Wise People… By Anonymous

Wise People don’t eat a lot of cheese.

Wise People are more concerned with economics than voting & have a questioning mind.

Wise People never get Mad & Angry much because they have money in the bank.

Wise People have an account at United Bank if they live in Philadelphia and are Black.

Wise People are not scared to go outside of their race to find a special LOVer if Black People are

shunning them for some strange, unfounded or unknown reason (s).

Wise People don’t live in fear of anything.

Wise People believe strongly in GOD, but don’t think they are above anyone because they do.

Wise People are not scared to try Gay churches because Gays & Lesbians may well

be a Blessing from GOD not a curse (research populations trends for the future & the potential of the earth’s survival).

Wise People work to save our Planet earth and our Children each and every day --  if they have children or not.

Wise People are not scared to learn about economics and new things each and every day.

Wise People often express their opinions, but know when to shut up and say nothing as well.

Wise People don’t eat potato chips hardly at all – even WISE Potato chips.

Wise People go to church almost every week, but are not afraid to write the Pastors and say

``sorry, I don’t believe this or that or I disagree with this or that.’’

Wise People don’t allow themselves to feel guilty because they hardly ever in life do something to feel guilty for (This is one I’m still working on. While I do very little to harm others, I feel guilty sometimes

and evil people sometimes use this against me).

Wise People stand up with pride for themselves almost all the time.

Wise People come in every shape, size, sexual orientation, color & sex.

Wise People LOVe our Black children and want to save the future of our precious earth for the children.

Wise People don’t just go with the flow, but have their own ability to formulate their own opinions.

Wise People read instead of watch tv (This is not easy) and LOVe themselves & GOD.

Wise People work each & every day, even if they are told they are ``worthless’’ as an employee by the state & federal government. We also listen to Jazz!!!!!!

Wise People LOVe Black People, education, children, our precious earth, & maybe even sports, if it is NOT too violent.

Wise People want to see women paid properly, not victimized anywhere or any time, not even in movies.

Wise People want to see a woman become President, but the one everyone is choosing may well NOT be the right one AT ALL!!!

Wise People are not fearful of being called an old head because they listen to old Black music.

Wise People don’t allow people to make them feel victimized at all.

Wise Black People stay away from the police unless they really need an officer for an emergency.

Wise People know How to be polite and speak properly.

Wise People don’t get involved in other people’s family squabbles.

Wise People don’t dress in plaids and polka-a-dots at the same time.

Wise People don’t listen to Polka music, but prefer Black music instead.

Wise People don’t commit crimes knowingly or repeatedly and expect not to get caught.

Wise People can find attractiveness in anyone.

Wise People stopped eating too much fat, pork, white bread, white rice, & fattening oils, a long time ago and started eating whole grains, wheat breads, healthy foods like fresh fish, fresh fruits, tofu, & fresh vegetables a long time ago. Wise People also eat more turkey & chicken instead of red meats for health reasons.

Wise People may be overweight, but are always trying to find Ways to lose a few pounds and stay slimmer. Wise People exercise regularly & walk more.

Wise People are friendly  & are NOT afraid to speak to People who live on their block.

Wise People find time to say hello; go to church or Mosque; be friendly; & report oddities & illegal behaviors to authorities in their neighborhoods..

Wise People listen to and want to help Black youth, who are being victimized by themselves and our society.

Wise People don’t call other People fat, sloppy and stupid, but work very hard to set a visual & reality standard for themselves and act as a good role model for others.

Wise People are not scared to enlist support for an issue they feel strongly about, no matter How much flack they get or How many times they are told they are taking a futile position.

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