Thursday, December 17, 2015

what my company does on a daily basis

As of December 17, 2015 Thursday

What my Corporation – Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated – does on a daily basis.

1] We determine what tax and management issues need to be dealt with and, with a very small sum of money, do our best to deal with such issues. This included tax issues; Corporate Board issues; & issues relating to my having to make it with such a small amount of income.

2] We strategize as to what is the best route to take concerning helping those most in need within the Black community and How to effectively help me and others overcome poverty, a lack of hope, and a lack of financial resources.

3] As an individual, I also have to survive in a neighborhood that has a ``community post office’’ in a pawn shop where street knives and knock-off watches are also openly sold. I’m not kidding.

4] I work to get restitution for the loss of a house that was worth some $333,000.00 when I first purchased it in Delaware in November of 2006. I recently wrote a letter to Chase Manhattan Bank asking for restitution of the $80,000.00 I had invested in the house over the five years I lived there {my equity}, but was denied that sum of money even after I told them this was my life’s savings. The house at 214 Southwyk Road in New Castle, Delaware zip 19702, was foreclosed on in November of 2010. When I bought the house my income was projected by the mortgage holder, but my income – even thought I Am a skilled writer, skilled organizer & skilled & experienced property-owner and property manager—never materialized. This-- in my estimation --  was due to a lack of opportunity and also due to my skin color and race. I am Black. There were plenty of White folk making money in Delaware during the time I lived there.

5] I take care of my personal health and nutrition regiment which includes frequent trips to the gym {Planet Fitness}; eating very healthy foods; not eating at night; listening to Jazz and progressive music I get free at the library; and watching movies, some of which I review for my blog. Blog Access:

6] I write several articles and bits and bites of information that I send to friends and colleagues to move forward our walk towards liberation, freedom, financial restitution, financial solvency, Reparations, and hope as Black People.

7] I contact several People of great merit  -- such as yourself – to advance my business and my career. I have attended the Temple Small Business Development Center and a free community program at The Wharton School to gather skills utilized in the business ventures I promote and work on.

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