Monday, December 14, 2015

Dealing Positively with FeaR of the Ruling Class

Dealing Positively and Directly with FeaR of the Ruling Class..

When we as activists have fear of the established order and what they might do to stop our work, it is time to take stock and listen to our thoughts and the thoughts that come back to us from GOD.

* Are the thoughts of potential violence to our persons real or imagined?

* What can we as Common People do to alleviate the fear and get back on track with our work?

* Some Progressive activists have said the established order is in actuality very weak, so why should we be afraid.

* I have said some activists say ``They will Kill you if you do this or that''. In actuality they are not readily willing to make you as an activist into yet another martyr in the traditions of The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior; Malcolm X; Medgar Evers; John Kennedy; Robert Kennedy; or Patrice Lamumba. Former President Franklyn Roosevelt said ``There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.'' Just ask me. When I go to the Post Office in my new neighborhood, it is located in a pawn shop and they also sell knives right across from the place where you get your stamps. (Hugh?) I thought my eyes deceived me at first, but I'm tellin' you this is true.  My feeling is if the established order is ``out to get you'' they will eventually. But living in fear is not an option if you are an activist, like Jesus was. People can change when they see the writing on the wall and have been confronted with a good / strong dose of reality. (For example I just wrote a letter to Chase Manhattan bank about my House Foreclosure and I Am posting the letter of rejection they will send me. (This was a loss of $80,000.00 -- my life's savings.) Being angry and bitter will only play into their hands. I Am going to hound them with more kind / nicely worded letters and take it to my political friends in Congress / The Senate / The Governor of Delaware where Chase is headquartered, etc.) I can't live in fear about this. I have to take on the courage of a Winnie Mandela; Rosa Parts; Martin; Nelson Mandela or Medgar Evers.    This is why I try to bake some nice things into the pies or revolution I Am selling the ruling class. (Lookin at Cuba and Russia as potential clients and potential places for new markets, I think the rulers are listening).  For instance: The ticket sales to major events this Christmas are going rather slow, so I advocated (with the idea coming from my sweet sister) I advocated for a $250.00 monthly fee to be allotted to poor People so they can buy tickets for cultural and artistic enrichment events, such as going to major plays; Italian Opera; The Philadelphia Orchestra; Major events at the Kimmel Center such as Jazz Events, Dance like PhilDanCo & Alvin Alley; and plays or musicals. This seems to me to be a win / win situation where the poor get to enrich their lives because there should not be a thing where the arts are for rich White People only.  Most rich White People agree (I haven't taken a scientific survey, but I know for sure this is true. ) I have also suggested that poor People begin to buy stock in major companies and write letters to say How they want those companies to change their policies for the better (Write me at BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com or call 1 215 823 9985 and I'll send you the document I wrote).   

From: Progressive Activist Brother Tracy Gibson:

CC: The Cuban Mission to the United Nations; The Russian Embassy;   The South African Embassy.


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