Monday, December 14, 2015

Middle Eastern Food..... At 45th & Walnut in Phillie.

May 7th, 2015 Thursday

Visit these Restaurants to Experience Something Better…..

For visitors from out of town, or, if you have lived here for 40 plus years like I have, there are two really nice restaurants in West Philadelphia I just adore!!! One is the ManaKeesk  CafĂ© / Bakery at 45th and Walnut Street in West Philadelphia.  I’m not too into meats so luckily there are quite a few menu choices you can have that are meatless and still wholesome and delicious.  Authentic Lebanese flatbreads you can have vegan Mediterranean styled with vegetable toppings like mixed roasted peppers, artichoke & roasted garlic. Or you can try Spinach & cheese with minced onion, vegetable oil & lemon. You can also have baked Salmon Authentic Lebanese flatbreads with olive oil, capers & dill.  You don’t have to have things like tarter sauce, meats, cheese or too much oil if you are watching your weight and want to eat healthier like I have been doing for 15 years.     Right in the same building at 45th & Walnut Street there is a place to have a Smooth ``E’’ like Banana & Strawberry; or Blueberry & Mango; or Kiwi & Peace. Any of these are available with Soy mike; almond milk or Coconut milk—if these things are kept in stock when you arrive. On Tuesday’s the Smooth ``E’’ is only $2.00 dollars.

Down the road a bit more towards Penn’s Campus is ``Hummus Grill.’’  They are located right next to the building next to that Mc—Dee’s place I never set foot into. They are at 40th and Walnut Street on the North Side of the Street.  I have to admit I am partial to Hummus Grill because I met the owner, who I think is Jewish, & He was quite nice to me.  [I’m even planning my Corporate Board meeting there on June 9th, 2015.].  They have Salmon that is to LIVE for and their greenish white sauce I use to cover everything instead of hot sauce and salt.  They have raw beets and raw carrots that are just great. Of course the Hummus is to LIVE for also. Just wonderful.   If you have the balls to try their falafel—go ahead. Falafel is a Middle Eastern dish the Jewish People and the Arab People have been eating for generations in between fighting for domination of the region. Falafel is made from grounded, cooked chick peas, lemon juice, olive oil & roasted garlic. You can make it very simply at home if you have a book like ``Eat What you LOVe Everyday,’’,’’ from the New York Times Bestselling Author Marlene Koch.   {By the By—I found this book excellent in moving from a rather fattening diet to one bursting with fresh fruits; grilled fresh meats & grilled fish instead of fried items; & pungent vegetables stir fried instead of traditional white rice, white potatoes and white breads – none of which a health eater should be consuming.  }

The judgments are those of the author’s. All information was culled from menus from the two restaurants & from actually visiting the two restaurants on more than two occasions.  This article was written by Brother Tracy Gibson; Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated, a firm dedicated to bring the New Black Family into a clearly better, more sustainable and healthy existence and helping Black male & Black female youth become gainfully employed and more productive members of our Black society – not the ``problems’’ or ``outcasts’’ as they are so wrongly portrayed in the Big Western Media.  Log onto: for more information & articles.

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