Thursday, December 17, 2015

a new message sent to the President 12 / 17 / 2015 Thursday night

We need a Peace & Reconciliation Organization or Administration to start making things right in this country. I, frankly, didn't read or listen to what you have to say about safety and security. I Am all for safety and security, but not at the cost of killing children, women and innocent men. I want you to start finding the friends of ISIS and listening to what they want. You will find it is not unattainable.  I Am sick and tired of hearing about who has the biggest bombs as if it were a showing of manhood. Something is very wrong when a Secretary of State goes on TV and talks about who we bombed instead of Who we talked with to make lasting peace throughout the ages. Don't worry, I've been called a faggot; stupid; crazy and dumb before. I don't get invited to parties; I'm on the White House hit list for not getting to make much money; and no they also make sure I don't even have much of a love life. One begins to see where the violent mentality comes form when one considers the harassment, but I am a kind and loving soul, and I will never turn to violence, like the so-Called White House might like. I really am surprised that Michelle Obama hasn't said something about the senseless bombings and How they actually bombed that hospital by mistake. And we are suppose to be happy for Christmas in the middle of all the violence. I don't think that works for me.  I know you think you are doing your best, and I also know I don't know what kind of pressure you are under from God knows what entity, but I deplore violence and I don't want it with Christmas dinner either.

Peace & Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson.
Founder, PResident & CEO of
Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated.
Finding Peace and Prosperity for Black Families & Black youth

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