Thursday, December 17, 2015

helping our Black children by positive thinking and visualization.

There is a gruesome statistic running about the media lately. It says that for every Black child in the Third Grade who cannot read to proficiency level, the state of Pennsylvania or whatever state they were talkin about, provides an actual space for the child in the future in prison. I find the development of such statistics grotesque and disconcerting. What I’ve done, in my own mind, is when I see a Black child I say to myself ``I’m providing, by whatever means available, a space for that child in the future in one of our Black colleges and Black universities. ‘’ I have actually told some Black parents this and I hope the idea spreads so that we can actually save seats and pay for these seats into the future for Black students in Black colleges. This is the kind of individual activism that Martin Luther King Junior stood for and what warmed the hearts of People like Rosa Parks and James Baldwin. 

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