Saturday, April 13, 2013


11 Economic Commandments To Live By…   1) Share with others.

2) Always search for a bargain if you have time.

3) Save 10 % of your money.

4) Invest in your own businesses!

5) Invest in your own people, especially the poor.

6) Don’t do anything too crazy.

7) Always own Real Estate.

8) Fight to improve your credit rating and your credit score and keep it up once you get it up (So pay your bills on time where-ever possible.)

9) Never exploit workers or rip off Anyone [AND don't ALLOW OTHERS TO RIP YOU OFF].....

10) Give as you would be given to.

11) Don’t support stores or individuals that don’t adhere to these rules (No Excuses). That means Macy's; Monsanto Products [posted here].....Wal Mart; Coca Cola; Chick Fellet [homophobic]; Pepsi; Haliburton[war contractors]; McDonalds [ Killing Black; Latin and Poor White People with tainted, poor quality and chemically treated food.] I am NOT the only one calling for a BOYCOTT of these stores...!!!

Rosetta DeBerardinis

(From Brother Tracy Gibson of Philadelphia but for EVERYONE!!)

Media Educator / Writer / Businessman

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