Saturday, April 13, 2013

LaBron James...It Amazes Me...

It Amazes Me how people like LaBron, who has two beautiful sons [LeBron Jr. [Seven] and 5-year-old Bryce Maximus] can give less than 5 % of their incomes [I have to do the checking on this, so don't put this in concrete as yet]; and go about His business conquering more money territory as a Capitalist and winning more games for the Cleveland Calvaleers and think everything is OK when His extended family--that would be US, is in such extreme need and crisis.

The Black wealthy, the Black athletes and the successful Black movie stars and wealthy Black business People, HAVE to take on some of the burden and responsibility to see forth with, that OUR communities are more stable, responsible and moving foreward. Their own economic viability as Black athletes and Black movie stars depends partly on having a stable Black community to draw from economically. This is not rocket science.  We can't just rely on the state with its' wavering political base and finger-to-the-wind politicins in charge to help our community start a real and lasting economic healing process that will be able to give our children the proper schooling they need and make our homes free of illegal drugs and other excesses.  We need funds from our Black rich people to help us do these things.

I did a bit of research and discovered that LeBron has supported some charities including: After-School All Stars; Boys and Girls Clubs of America; Children's Defense Fund; and OneXOne.  He is obviously concerned about our youth and young people. {I guess this would make sense because He [LeBron] is also a Father and a husband.} Now I have to do the research to see just how much He takes away from the typical extravagant lifestyle of most Black extremely wealthly people like LeBron and gives back. I am not picking on LeBron, but just doing research and making a Test Case. I basically like LeBron, but I want to see the best for our Black Young men and BlackYoung  women and our Black children--having been abused as a child myself and suffered greatly due to this.

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