Thursday, April 11, 2013



I have asked some of you to take heed the call and get yourself together before you have a real problem like a heart attack or a stroke. If you smoke there are ALL types of assistance to get you to understand the importance of quitting and how to quit. MAKE IT A PRIORITY!!!! I am dealing with my own ``FAT'' issues and how being overweight has a devastating impact on one's health. I have asked some of you to go for regular and consistent walks in our city, but you think ``everything is OK.'' I'm here to tell you today that everything is NOT OK. I have a few articles on this BLOG about what to eat to lose weight and stay healthy AND IN SHAPE. [Some of my writing on this particular subject were inspired by the book How to Eat to Live, by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who founded the Black Muslim Movement. ] You apparently don't read my BLOG. I'll be sending you personal letters. You may think this is none of my business or my concern, but I have to tell you, as a friend, and as a tax-paying North American, it is my business. I'll be the one footing your bills if you end up having to have heart surgery, knee surgery or treatment for a stroke. We all, including you, have to take on more responsibility about our [and your] weight and staying in shape to control the exploding costs of health care, medical care, medicines, prescriptions and continuing care as we get older. I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH!! The First Lady isn't playing around like you seem to be doing. I have lost about 37 pounds [and put a bit back on], but you can really eat well and eat healthy if you know what you are doing. For starters, stay out of McDonald's!!!! Just look for the alternatives to McDonald's [there are articles on this Blog about finding alternaties to MCDonalds]; the What to Eat and What NOT to Eat article wioll help; and the avoiding cancer through diet articles on my blog also. You will discover a new and healthier Way to eat that doesn't really require drastic changes and that will have great results over time. I hope you will heed these articles and give me a call. I'm still available to take solid Walks in the morning. I am talking to my friends of ALL races, especially you T.S. and especially those Big Women at my Church AS Well as the Big Men--at the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia at 55 North Broad Street. Let's get real and get with it.... There is a lot of sickness that can be avoided if we get real and take HEED about diet and nutrition!!! [By the Way, I need you to join my blog as a supporter if you are enjoying the articles on a regular basis. This will help with marketing and outreach.] From: Brother Tracy Gibson...

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