Monday, April 8, 2013

Intellectual Growth in a Good Gentleman.....

There is a gentleman who is a commentator at WURD Radio [900 A M] who has shown more growth intellectually than any of the other commentators at the station. [I am not saying He is the smartest person there, but He has shown more growth potential and more actual growth as a thinking, awake Black person than the others.]  He amply deals wioth the political, the controversial and even some of the silly calls [and there are increasingly less of those] with grace, intelligence, honor and decency.  He also does this with good humor and a really big smile.

His name is Albert.  He is also quite attractive so the ladies [or maybe gentlemen] and they should be on the look out. {I don't know which way His door swings and that is not important.}

Mr. Albert used to have a show, shortly after He stopped working for Ms Mary Mason at WHAT and got His own show, If I'm not mistaken. [SOme of these facts will be checked later]. He was a rather bit of an air head--or so I though in the old days.  Now he is getting to be razor sharp in His thinking, and can take on the best interview.  Anyone can tell He does His research before the show.  But it is not just book knowledge that He bosts.  He actually learns from His experiences, even when an old coot like me calls up and says he is ``lazy minded'' when He describes how He didn't properly confront a restaurant host or waiter when He didn't get service in an area West Philadelphia restaurant quick enough. {That mishap ended up making Him go to a show hungry and a bit angry later in the day.}

He is personable, kind, out-going and sweet to the audience of ever-increasingly intelligent people who call Philadelphia's Black Talk and Intelligent Radio Station--WURD.  The Station, 900 A.M. has grown magnificently under the direction of the Lo max / Reese Family and the young woman who is the general manager, Sarah Lo max Reese, over the last few years.  The programming is beyond impeccable and shows the incredible diversity of the Philadelphia Black community. There are shows on the Muslim community, women's shows, a major lawyer has a show that is very Black Nationalist in concept {Attorney Michale Coard}. There is also a show on high finance and a show on Real Estate.  I applaud Mr. Albert, Ms Lo Max Reese and WURD for their growth and their continued importance in this region as a growing and vital community of serious Black leaders and I wish them very well into the future. There is one area I wish to suggest they expand into.  I think an OUT program dealing with the isues and concerns of the so-called Black Gay community [I say so-called because much of this community is under cover and has very little economic base]--such programming would be in order right about now. I would be nmore than willing to help them with the contacts I have and maybe co-host such a program myself. [I have worked as a supporter of Gay and Lesbian rights for decades along with the other issues I have worked on * See the list of issues I have worked on right at this BLOG}. I also promise the station, as my own companies grow in financial influence, vitality and importance, we will be advertising there with regularity and consistency.  I wish them ALL THE LUCK in the WORLD!!! And May GOD Himself bless them with wealth, Happiness and Solidarity FOREVER!!!!!

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