Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Letter to Health and Human Services Coordinator Kathleen Sebelius from 2011

September 1, 2011 [ Thursday ]

Secretary of Health & Human Service

The Department of Health & Human Services

200 Independence Avenue, South West

Washington, D.C. 20201

Ms. Kathleen Sebelius

Dear Secretary Sebelius:

I am a connoisseur of gay adult video. Before you throw this letter away, let me tell you that this letter is no joke and no hoax. I am also a Black community activist and a political organizer. I am deeply concerned about the current content of Adult Gay Pornography. When I watch it, It is not only to get sexual gratification and titillation. I am also watching because I am concerned about the content that is being legally distributed in the United States and around the world in gay porn. Sometimes, even though the film says all ``models & actors’’ are above the age of 18 sometimes they look to be UNDER legal age. I have advocated that ALL ``actors & models’’ utilized in these films be above the age of 23. I can’t get a single so-called ``decent’’ North American politician to even have the courage to write me back on this issue. Are they all under the influence of and on the payroll of the Mafia? Is that why no Republican or Democratic politician will even begin to take up this issue to protect our young people?

My feeling is that being in Gay porn or ``any’’ pornography is like being a slave. You are begging for your next dollar or your next job, you are paid next to nothing, and you have to make your next film to live. There seems to be no way out unless you die from HIV or AIDS!!! It becomes a trap and a lifestyle—not just a way to make money. There are a few stars who get into the production end of the business such as Tiger Tyson. I assume they are making a decent wage, but most of these so-called ``stars’’ are making next to nothing. Meanwhile some very main stream characters like me are getting their rocks off while watching the films. And of course the producers of the films are making money hand over fist. Back in the 1980’s it was estimated that pornography in the U.S. was responsible for more income than the THREE MAJOR NETWORKS COMBINED!!! That’s billions of dollars and the ``business’’ has only grown since then. It seems unfair and wrong, but there is a lot about the world that is unfair and wrong. That, however, doesn’t mean we should sit ideally by and do nothing about it!!!

But there does seem to be something that can be done. Can’t government regulate the production of Adult fair enough to ensure that people under the age of 23 DON’T MAKE THESE FILMS? That doesn’t seem like too difficult a thing to do. There is also a big market for child pornography; S & M films; and other fair where the subjects are beaten, abused and / or humiliated. Shouldn’t government at every level be trying to put a stop to this also? I feel you should and I will be sending this letter to media, major opinion leaders, and my politicians to try to make ``something’’ POSITIVE happen….

I think one solution is to have more films produced that talk about and depict sex as something wholesome & constructive, and depict real intimacy between two people. Such films could be constructive in nature and helpful for legitimate couples—gay or straight—to reach a greater level of intimacy in their monogamous relationships. I think such films would be a help, not a detriment to humanity like Gay and Straight porn, in its’ present formation is.

Tell me what to do. I’m at your service. I’m expecting a large grant for my parent corporation [ Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, INc. ] soon and we want to do some things to contribute positively to humanity & society. Maybe you have some ideas. One thing we want to do is have a major Conference on Sex and Sexuality in the Black Community. We have slated it for 2013. We feel there are a lot of myths about Black sexuality that need to be exploded; there is also a need to distribute positive and truthful information; and create an atmosphere where more truthful information can honestly and forthrightly be talked about in a safe atmosphere, and in a positive and honest manner. Calling people bad names just because of their sexual affiliation or orientation; kicking Gay children & gay youth out of the house because you ``hate’’ them or don’t understand them; accepting high levels of HIV & AIDS; and victimizing and brutalizing women and people because of their sexual life style should be things thrown on the ash heap of society & history—NOT THINGS READIALLY ACCEPTED IN 2011 & 2012 AND MOVING FORWARD!!! I await a positive response from you…..


Brother Tracy Gibson,

President & CEO OF:

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, INc.

Building Hope for Tomorrow’s People!!!

CC: The Daily Snooze of Philadelphia, 400 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130-4015…

Brother Tracy Gibson

Activist – Organizer – A Man Filled With Hope

214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del. 19720



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