Monday, April 8, 2013

Employment Request for Flava magazine...

April 8th, 2013 [Monday]

Dear Flava Magazine Editors:

From: Brother Tracy Gibson

I have applied for the job of Columnist with your magazine on a few occasions before. I would like to do so again. I am uniquely qualified to give your readers of ALL ages—but especially your youthful readers—the kind of guidance and self-acceptance they need as Young, Productive Black and Latin men.

I have extensive experience with working for Black community groups in the Philadelphia area including: The African American Freedom and Reconstruction League [A Progressive, Pro-Black organization that challenges the system we live under, promotes Black education and Black social and political knowledge and Empowerment; and pays homage to our elders with an annual honorary banquette]; Friends of Somafco [which deals with developing direct support services to disenfranchised People –especially children and youth—living in South Africa]; and The Walnut Hill Community Association [which has worked directly in the West Philadelphia community to focus in on alleviating some of the community’s problems such as crime and safety, youth scholarships, and decreasing youth mischief].

I also ran, for a brief time, as a write-in candidate, for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania; and won an achievement award from Men of All Colors Together [A multi-racial organization that does advocacy work, serves as a social network and does educational outreach in Philadelphia.] I served as a major facilitator for Adodi Philadelphia, {a support group for Black Gay men.} I devised strategies for our member’s to survive and flourish through giving workshops on Coming Out to Family Members; Dealing with Homophobia in the Black community; and self-acceptance and self-esteem building. I also helped promote our annual retreats.

I am a kind and personable Black Man—of 56 years of age-- and writing an advice column is the perfect venue for me to reach out and advise Our Young Black and Latin Gay men and other readers, who want to retain and strengthen their sexual identity, but include more ethical values and a stronger Black and Latin cultural identity in their lives and work.

I am well equipped to meet your deadlines and have bolstered other publication’s readership such as Male Box magazine; and SBC Magazine.

I am uniquely qualified for such a post. Please read several of my clips and articles which can be found on My Blog at:

With Much Peace and Many Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson,

Advocate—Educator—Fund Raiser—Visionary--Writer

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