Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Democracy In Africa....

Things seemed to be going pretty well somewhere around the 1980's. There seemed to be fledgling democracies in several parts of Africa. Liberia, Kenya, South Africa, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Mali, Ghana, Madagascar and Libya were all trying on their democracy boots with differing levels of success.

Success is, obviously in the eye of the beholder. [So says my 24-year-old niece who will be graduating from Spelman next month.]  Things have mostly turned upside down since Mu mar Qaddafi was assassinated by the United States military and since the West has destabilized the fishing industry in Somalia {which caused the Somalian economy to collapse and brought a rise in piracy as a means of survival in that North West coastal African country.].

 [Did you know that if you google ``U.S. foreign intervention since WWII'' you get a list of over 100 military exploits by our good old American Pi Betsey Ross American Mid-West lovin Nation.....{many of them in Africa}] It is true because I have done it and I saw the list for myself. I was shocked. I don't know, frankly, if such a list is still available because we are just about living under a police state in the U.S,--what with the Patriot acts and the other National Security acts implemented and all.

But back to Africa--the most important Real Estate in the world.  {And, the most important people in the world.}. Africa has many more natural resources, and naturally uninhibited [read polluted] farm land and the people are able bodied and willing to work [not be exploited]. Africans don't look down their nose at work.  They want to work, but are leery of being exploited by people with old fashioned and pro-West ideas after an entire fourth of their population was snatched from the African Continent to make them into slaves--something that has fueled the economies of the world, but left Africa short of many of its' most precious resource--AFRICANS of good health and mind. [Much of this is missing from the World History books unless you study at a Historically Black College or University.] Yale, Harvard and even MIT have somehow forgotten this basic lesson in World Economics.  

Maybe it will be the present day children of Africa throughout the world who will grow up in free and democratic countries...  Certainly they don't really need the U.S. as a model.  Our Nation was never really able to reach the kind of REAL Freedom and democracy that Michale Moore and many others has found right off our shores of the U.S. in CUBA--for example. Our democracy is eroding and receding under the pestilence of greed from Wall Street, Madison Avenue and in-kind help from the government in D.C. There are typos in this article which are another attempt to discredit me.  The spell Checker is not working and I am a notorious speller.....

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