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You need to take a hard look at how much money you feel you were ripped off for since you were perhaps 21 years of age.  Use any and all documentation you have including mortgages that you were approved for and then lost the house under foreclosure because you couldn't pay the mortgage and for what ever other loans you may have gotten that you know you could not afford, but were still responsible for; ponzzie schemes; rips-offs--even at the hands of other Black or Latin people; were you ever robbed; did you pay for insurance that never paid off; did you ever buy a CD that turned out to be lousy; did you ever buy a lemon; did you ever think you had more in your savings account or bank account than ended up being there in reality; did a so-called friend ever forget to pay you back for a loan.

I am going to show you how I figured out my own REPARATIONS amount.  Now you have to take into consideration that I am going on the VERY, VERY conservative side. I am NOT including a foreclosure that was partly my fault for being too anxious to move into a new home that deep inside I knew I could not afford--even though they projected my income [an income that never materialized or existed--that I knew of]. I am NOT including several firms I paid to try to stave off foreclosure. I figure these funds are just water under the bridge. I am also not including a rare book that someone stole from me: An Original signed copy of ``In The Life,'' By Author == Activist-- And Close Friend Joseph Beam, that I loaned to someone I had trusted and they never returned it. I am NOT including The cost of therapy which has been a bargain and which has paid off in enormous dividends in the Positive Way I am able to inteface with people; support myself emotionally; maintain a Positive Attitude; survive hardship; keep family-ties strong; and take care of my basic needs even during hard times.  I am also not including the Fantastic Art Work of my dear and loving sister: Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter, that was left by me--foolishly--in my home in New Castle, Delaware when I was foreclosed on.  I am not including these things because I give them Spiritually to the Lord because He or She didn't have to let me live a single Day past my actual birth.  He or She didn't have to let me fix a good breakfast this morning and avoid eating too much fat. He or She didn't have to allow me to have a few fresh vegetables in the house to fix for breakfast this morning and tofu and a little oil to cook them in that I didn't even know I had. I LOVe the Lord and ALL the Good and Positive thins He or She Represents.  I am ever so thankful and that is what helps me realize I need to pay homage to the Lord and I do so with that other claim.  For I often have no money to give to my CHURCH and I am deeply thankful for having a church to go to that accepts me for the Way I am--not an easy thing to do.

Here is how I figured OUT my REPARATIONS fee:

I make **$1,176. a month on disability. I don't want to be on Disability. I want to work at the job I love--advocating for Black people; POOR People; The Disadvantaged; Gay and Lesbian and Transgendered People--mostly people of color; The Disenfranchised of every color in the Rainbow--including WHITE people who need REPARATIONS also [Read more of what I said about REPARATIONS on this BLOG]. I also LOVe to advocate for Women and Women's issues; for the Disabled and for The Environment.

I read on the Net that the average annual salary for a person with a college degree [I have a college degree] is about $56,664 a year. I knocked that down to $46,651 because I DO NOT have a technical degree which pays more.

I took $14,112 which is my my annual salary and subtracted it from the $46,651 which is what I am supposed to have made and went back only 17 years--which is when I left my job at TV Guide Magazine.  That would leave me with $32,539 a year for each of those years which is the difference between the $14,112 a year which I actually make and the $46,651 which I am suppose to make.  The $32,539 is the annual difference. $32,539 is the amount I should get retroactively for 17 years which works out to $553,163 in REPARATIONS for Me: Brother Tracy Gibson.  That is as honest and forthright as I can be with the knowledge of reality as I know it right here today--the 12th of April, 2013.

**NOTE: I took two dollars OFF my current monthly salary to make it $1,176 to make it Spiritually connect with our Philadelphia 76ers because I think they are a group of Great Guys--Fine Young Men-- and the only team in Philadelphia that has any sense of real team companionship, dedication and authenticity about themselves. I feel they haven't just Sold Out like the other teams, in my estimation, have....

If you see something wrong with my Math, please let me know by e-mailing me as soon as possible at

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