Friday, April 19, 2013

The Re-established New Ruling Order.......

The established order, when they created what they thought would be a permanent underclass--were creating something that has become something they mostly want to deal with as a security risk. Instead, they should be seeing and seeking the opportunities inherent in re-educating and helping the disenfranchised generate new skills among themselves. Taking a large percentage of the factory jobs out of the U.S. and making the U.S. run primarily as a service economy was not a wise decision for long-term world planning--especially not for poor people, but it was NOT  good for the rich, the wealthy or the middle income either. It created short-term profits by exploiting the Labor or Foreign Workers but threw thousands of U.S. Laborers out of what had been relatively stable jobs.  If a country or economic system is NOT sustainable it is not an advanced country or an advanced economic system.....

Brother Tracy Gibson..... We Are The New Ruling Class.....

* Our Families and Close and Trusted Friends

*Brothers in the Prison System

* Faculty at Black Colleges and Black Universities

*Positive-Thinking Black Ministers, Pastors and Reverends

* Progressive Blacks and Left Radical Blacks in the Military

* Progressive Black Imams

*Black Progressive and Radical Black social workers, Psychologists and Black Progressive and Radical Black Psychiatrists

* Black Progressive and Radical Black Activists

* Concerned and Working Black Parents and Teachers

* Black Progressive and Radical Black Artists of every stripe including Black Rap Artists, Black Sculptors, Black Singers, Black Poets, Black Writers, Black Actors, and Black Dancers who are Progressive and or Radical Left

*The Black Grass Roots

* Black Transit Workers

*Brothers who Head Black Progressive and Radical Black Gay Men’s Organizations

*Blacks who are Progressive and Black Radical Leftists in the Medical Field and Health Professions

*Progressive Blacks and Black Radicals in the Media Industry

*Other People from Outside our Black and African Culture and Our African Diaspora Traditions and Our Black Traditions who want to Help in a Positive, Giving, Open, Non-Threatening, Non-Resentful, Un-forced, LOVing, and Authentic Manner.

*Black People who go to the Library, who are self-taught and who read Progressive and Radical Black Books, Business Books, Black History Books and Self-Help Books Consistently

*Black Tribesmen

*Blacks who are Progressive and Black Radical Leftists in the Sports Industry

*Over weight Black People who have lost 50 LB’s or more

*Blacks in the PORN Industry

*HIV Positive Black People

*Heads of Black Progressive and Radical Black Organizations

*Black Members of Labor Unions

*Black Students…


**The Above sectors of our community MUST work together for OUR Liberation!!!

*We ALL MUST read many of the books mentioned on my book list and other Progressive and Radical Book Lists

*The A-For mentioned People must be considered, supported and empowered internationally not just within the U.S. or in Philadelphia only but in each and All Cities, Town, Suburbs, Islands, Countries and in and on each and every Continent and viable land mass.

*We MUST STOP handing power over to our so-called oppressor and realize that as soon as We take back our power and MONEY and end our support of the slave factories and sweat shops of NIKE; End The Prisoner exploitation, small-farmer-crushing and polluted so-called food creating food and product creation and development of MONSANTO and TYSON FOODS; The Poison being sold as ``food’’ at McDonald's and Burger King; The harsh Racist, Sexist, violent and exploitative policies of Halliburton and Wal Mart; When We challenge ourselves NOT to drink Coca Cola and Pepsi because sodas--with their sugar and corn syrup--are helping make us obese and give us sugar diabetes… When We take A STAND and STOP being LAZY-MINDED We will have begun A Process to take the Means of Production Away from the so-called irresponsible rulers and take on the RESPONSIBILITY to create and control the creation and expansion of our own sustainable, clean, environmentally friendly, People Friendly WORLD and greatly enhance the creation of our own jobs. We will have empowered ourselves… And are empowering ourselves. Start by buying fresh wholesome fruits and vegetables locally and at Farmer’s Markets, Open-Air Markets, Fruit and Vegetable Stands and Flea Markets and by staying away from salt laden, sugar laden and chemical laden processed food. We must Start a Process to examine the feasibility of starting your own vegetable gardens right at Our First Lady michelle Obama has said. [Remember that I am only One Voice in a sea of voices. I hope you will listen to me, but I knnow there are other people who may have or who do have more information than I do and who may and do have more viable and effective avenues and Ways to get to you with information than I do. Listen to them as Well. If you find something incorrect with my information, please feel free to contact me with a hopefully polite response at 1.215.471.64.94 or BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com.
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Brother Tracy Gibson

Visionary / Progressive Thinker / Writer / Reformer / Businessman /Philanthropist

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