Saturday, April 6, 2013


Are YOU a Noble Man.... Do you do what you know is correct as much as possible.... Do you attend church or Mosque on a regular basis  Or do you meditate and stay silent a few moments a Day to recognize GOD, Our creator and OUR African Ancestors.....Do you study Our Ancient Tribal rituals or Our African History and Culture... Do you have sex in the proper fashion so as NOT to spread germs or illness between man and woman or man and man.....

If so you may be drinking with me at the Foundry... There is fresh clean water there for all of us who KNOW better.....better than to besmirch our own Spirits.  Better than to hurt others physically or mentally, or emotionally. Better than to destroy the environment and use foul language consistently.  Better than to to do some other things that you are not at least healing from.  In this Day and Age you have to, in my humble opinion, be able to give Way to that old Bible and say that is a book for years gone by.  There are for sure, certain parts of the Bible that no one could ever expect to live by.  Just read about the rituals in Leviticus for example.  No one is going to make such sacrifices and think, in today's age, that they are Blessed by GOD.  Community standards change over time.
Now, for example, to say that we deny the right to marry to gay or lesbian people is far beyond ridiculous. The gay and lesbian people are humans first and foremost.  The state will have to figure out a Way to recognize these people's relationships.  If I was in a relationship and my lover couldn't come to see me in the hospital because I am gay--and I am by the Way I am GAY!!--I would be very upset.  Not to mention what is to be done about personal items at one's passing and WILLS and property.  Many relationships don't last, but that has little or nothing to do with one's sexuality.  Many straight couples marry and only stay married for only weeks or months.  We see this in the Hollywood papers and the news about celebrities all the time. We see this in Our Black Families. 

Certainly being a Noble Man is a process. It doesn't happen overnight.  It takes years of reading and being serious about your own personal development to reach these goals.  We need more positive media venues; more workshops; more TV programs; more heroes to follow such as Farrakhan and Denzel Washington, and Paul Robeson, and James Baldwin and Marlon Riggs and Joseph Beam and Carl Bean and Reverend Jeff Haskins and Minister Bryan Robinson and so many many others.

When we decide NOT to take on a lover who is already in a relationship we take a step up the Noble Path; when we decide NOT to eat Mac and Cheese and Fried Chicken or go to McDonalds we take a step Up that Noble Path; when we stay in the framework of our monogamous relationship--even though that is sometimes very hard and there are temptations all around us--that is taking a step UP that Noble path; when we treat our elders with respect and LOVe and kindness--even though we may NOT always agree with what they have to say--especially those held in High Esteem--we take a Big Step Up that Noble Path.. Keep Steppin...

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