Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Open Letter to Bright Hope Baptist Church.....

April 10, 2013 [Wednesday]

AN OPEN LETTER TO: Pastor Kevin Johnson, Bright Hope Baptist Church.

From: Brother Tracy Gibson, That Community Trouble maker from West Philadelphia..

RE: Single’s Night at the Church…

Dear Pastor Johnson: Have you ever noticed how many people come to your church alone—seemingly unattached to a family at all? It is an increasing number of People. The church needs to, in my humble estimation, honor and cherish such people with a special night each month ``Singles Night’’ and allow such people to get together and talk and mingle with the churches’ blessing. We live in the 21st Century. People don’t come to church dressed in Shepard’s Clothing and Leather Sandals. They come to church in 21st Century clothing. It is time that people started living in the 21st Century—not the year 0000 when Jesus was apparently born… Am I correct on this…. Such a ``Single’s Night’’ should be open to anyone who wants to come who is over 23 and under 80. Go on and be bold and say you want people from different lifestyles to come to church. I know for a fact that the choir director at Bright Hope was a homosexual for years and no one batted an eye because He did such a great job and asked for so little…. Do you actually turn down money from people who are homosexual… Do you tell people they cannot participate in committees because they are homosexuals….. You are going to have a National Law for Gay marriage soon. You’ re going to have several states that have Gay marriage. More than likely Pennsylvania Will be one of those states. Has your church decided how to deal with this in an honest and forthrightly manner….. In a Progressive manner and One that will sit well with the GOD of today….. If you have a ``Singles Night’’ I know you will find more straight couples getting together and dating and getting married because they will have a church venue to meet and talk with one another. Isn’t that a good thing…..

By the Way, I attended a church supper for the disadvantaged the other night [Yesterday, Tuesday]—and the food was quite good and I talked to several disadvantaged people who attend your church on a regular basis. They have a lot of respect for you, they love your church, as do I, and they loved having a place to get a free meal—as do I—even if we have to listen to some age ole preaching that we don’t necessarily want to hear—[now I’m really being honest—but in a jovial and light hearted Way].

Your church has a rich and illustrious History. It is a History that brings people together and makes them proud of being Black and proud to live, work and or worship right there in North Philadelphia. It is a History of LOVe and respect and decency—not of hatred. You may also have some righteous preaching’s to give to the homosexuals in your church—certainly they are NOT perfect either. They need to hear the righteous as well, but not be castigated and picked on or hated. [And I DON’t Think you do that AT ALL ANYWAY!!!} Don’t think I don’t know there are some ole voices in your church who think things have gone too far or who don’t want to see Positive, Progressive change… And don’t think I think your job is an easy one—it most certainly is not…. You have made all kinds of headway over the last five years and you are following the path of the righteous—on almost every point. I Pray you will NOT allow the ranting’s and ravings of a few ultra-right wing preachers {on TV or Where-ever} take you from your ultimate path to GLORY by taking things off course because of a few Homosexuals in your church. Mostly they—the Gay church members—don’t even want to be recognized or made a point of. They LOVe God and want to worship like the other members of your church. They have Big Hearts and LOVe Jesus like ALL members of that glorious church that sits at 12th and Cecil B. Moore Avenue in Philadelphia. They LOVe you and your family like every else does also. I hope you can see a Way to embrace and LOVe them as much as you do every body else. I wish you ALL THE BEST IN THE WORLD in this endeavor. And please tell your Pastors to stop talking about the devil so much and breathing new life into his lungs with every breath that is utilized to talk about that fool. You will win more parishioners over with the honey and the gram crackers of Jesus than the bitter herbs and weeds of an unholy ghost like the devil. Yes, I said UN-Holy ghost!! Don’t let anybody change this around UNHOLY GHOST is what I said!!! I say we take the ``V’’ out of devil and use it to spell the first letter in the word ``VICTORY’’ for ourselves and move forward in a changed Way and in God’s Good Grace and Mercy. Without the ``V’’ he is just de il [de ill part of the world which MUST be defeated and turned back at every road. ]

In Peace and With Many Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson,

Educator—Visionary—Fund Raiser—Activist

Post Script: There is some other work waiting for you with my church, The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia. We could be Brother Churches and work on this World Peace thing in a Big Way. I am NOT talking officially for the church, but as a member. I only hope you will call our Pastor and let Him know how you feel about the possibility of working with His [Our] church. I will have officially joined in a few short weeks. GOD Bless you and Keep you always, as Well as your lovely wife and family.

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