Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book Promotion!!! From Brother Tracy Gibson...

Book Promotion !!

Celebrated writer and businessman Brother Tracy Gibson of Philadelphia has a new book coming out in July of 2013 entitled: ``Writing in Wet Cement,'' The Book takes a real look at why Black people are not as politically invested astute, aware and involved as we should be and what the consequences of our being ``ASLEEP’’ as a community of people are. It also works real hard at setting a plan through which our Black Youth [especially males] can become more ethical and responsible in their behavior and how we can teach them more respect through being better role models ourselves. A look at how we can become more resilient and stronger by reading The Ohio State University Graduate’s book includes the following sections:

*Four New Poems.

* An Assessment of U.S. National Security.

* A look at Black Economics.

* A look at Religion and Spirituality Among Black People.

* Same Gender Loving People of African Descent as a Secret Weapon NOT a detriment.

* The Vision and Work of a Black National Same-Gender-Loving-Friendly Church in the U.S.

* A List of story ideas for Up-and-Coming Movies.

* An Extensive and Detailed Book list {with some 650 entries}.

* The Politics of U.S. Dynasties AND The King-Making Process.

* The Dangerous Triangle.

* About 22 Letters written to Advocate for the Black Community.

* A Rap on Race.

* Being Unemployed: The Truth And The Consequences.

* White Breck Girls AND Their Hair.

* An Open Letter to Mr. AND Mrs. White America.

* No White Trash Allowed.

* Moon Walker [about Michael Jackson].

* A Proposal: The Coalition to Find Sane, Lasting and Coherent Solutions for Peace in the Middle East.

* Homophobia in the Back Community [and how to work around and through it].

* About the Jewish People.

*About the Muslim...

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!! [For more Information about the book, write Brother Gibson at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com or BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com...]  To view parts of the book on Brother Gibson's Blog, go to http:ThePoliticsofReal.Blogspot.Com/

Other suggested articles include: ``The Powerful Third Eye,'' ``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan,'' ``The Letter to Quincy Jones,'' ``The Letter about Murry's,'' and ``What we should Eat and What we Should NOT Eat.''

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